Oct 24, 2007


Nope, not morning sickness this time. The below pictures show what happens each time we leave Isis free in the house. This time I was taking a nap and did not know she got left inside and this is what I come downstairs to. I can't even express into words how devastated I feel right now. DH is on his way home from work right now because he could hear it in my voice how upset I was.

She does this EACH and EVERY time she is alone. Be it when I am upstairs in bed, or when we are gone for 15 hours, or 15 minutes. Our solution was to keep her in the back yard with an invisible fence when we left (weather permitting) and it got turned off because she got stuck under the deck and before we could turn it back on she shredded the wires and now I will probably have to pay another couple hundred dollars I don't have to repair it.

She has done this with homework, with Bobby's $100 dress shoes (twice), with bills, with books, with toys, you name it. I am getting to the point where I am wanting to get her on an anti-anxiety medication like Prozac or Xanax for dogs. We tried crate training her, but that make her anxiety worse and she would have GI problems resulting in explosive diarrhea.


View of most of the mess.


Ongoing damage she has done to my floor rug.


Brand new yarn I was going to use to make something for the baby. Was white, now yellow with pee.


What was formerly known as my favorite shoes.


Christopher's book he was reading for school, in part.


Matthew inspecting the damage.


Matthew laughing at the kitten.

I am off to google ideas on how to deal with separation anxiety, I am tired of dealing with all the damage!


Jenifer (from Mom2boys) said...

Oh man!! I can totally relate!! How is Iris? Ours a rotty and he just turned a year. We did go through that for quite a bit, but not to the point where he would go bathroom in his crate. We have JUST begun letting him out at night and here and there, but never more than 15 to 20 minutes.

One question arise -- when you first got her, was someone always at home with her at the beginning? if so, that could be why -- our old rotty reacted the same way -- tearing up everything he could get his teeth on and peed/pooped everywhere that he could get in -- and it was all because i returned to work. ( I had stayed home for 6 1/2 year prior to that time).

If you want -- you can drop me a line..

Leighann said...

Reason #7829573 why I don't like dogs LOL I certainly hope you can come up with a solution!

My friend Cheryl has to leave her TV on when they're gone so the dog THINKS there's someone home.