Oct 9, 2007

Mama, Pizza House!

Matthew has discovered logos and commercialism. He rarely watches TV, but I think he will catch a moment here and there of a commercial or two when we are watching TV because as we were pulling into Taco Bell on Sunday to grad a quick bite before heading to the park he noticed a Pizza Hut sign and started yelling "Pizza House Mama!! Pizza House!!" We never eat Pizza Hut, so I am guessing he must have recognized the logo from a commercial.

He also noticed a car with a Papa John's logo on top of it today while getting Austin from school and he was all excited to see a pizza car. We watched it pull into the school, watched him deliver the goods, and then watched him leave. Matthew was all excited and even had to tell Austin that he saw a pizza car when Austin got into the car. Austin, being 11 and starting to get the teenage enthusiasm just did not share Matthew's joy... shocker there!

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