Oct 12, 2007


Yesterday I started spotting light pink, so I called my OBs office and they got me right in. They did an exam and said everything was ok, but to head to the ER is it gets worse (since I had no cramping). Well around 10pm I was getting ready for bed and the blood was a lot heavier and bright red. I argued with myself if it was worth going, but decided 4 hours in the ER was worth the peace of mind.... ha!

I get there at 11:30 and the ER is PACKED. I should have just come home and gone to bed and called my OB in the morning, but by this time I am starting to cramp. SIX hours later they finally call me back (after telling me I was the next one going back and calling 5 people after me). They do a ton of blood work, an ultrasound that they will not let me see, a pelvic that hurt like hell and 6 hours later send me home. So I was there for 11 hours, crazy huh? No one offered anything to eat, drink, and I could not sleep because they needed the lights all on.

When they did the ultrasound I could see part of the side of the screen, and when the measured the fetal heart tones I freaked out because I could only see flat lines. I was so worried my baby's heart was not beating yet. After what seemed like a lifetime I was able to see the radiologist's report and it said I was measuring 6w6d (I was barley 7w0d so that was perfect) they saw a fetal pole and a heart rate of 124 BPM. They also saw "minimal subchorionic low echogenic material seen that may identify minimal blood".

The OB's office called back this morning and said I have an infection that may be causing all these problems combined with implantation bleeding from the placenta. I am on bed rest until the bleeding stops and I have a follow-up appointment on Monday. Between the ER copay, 11 hours of my time, and the medication NOT being covered (one application was $92!!) this has turned into an expensive LONG day. For the most part I am pretty bored, up in bed with my laptop. DH is being pretty good, other than the fact that he is STARVING me up here. LOL

PS. Husband brought me clam chowder soup & crackers and Matthew to cuddle with so he's back to the status of best hubby ever.


Penelope Anne said...

Glad you got some answers, must say you had me worried there, and it took me back to a few ER nights in my conceiving days. You get your rest, that's an order. Let the princes help...you'd be surprised how much they can do.
Peace, hugs, and some prayers.

suni said...

that happened to me when i was pregnant with my son. there was no tissue loss, tho and I got to see his heart beat that night. if there had been tissue loss... like with both my recent m/c's....then it would have probably been what you thought it was. im glad it was just a false alarm.