Oct 4, 2007

I think I am going to puke!

Housework sucks so bad right now, because guess what? Dishes stink, laundry stinks, garbage stinks, vacuuming makes me cough and coughing makes me want to puke and my energy level is consistently somewhere in the negative levels.

However I thank my lucky stars for this pregnancy daily, don't get me wrong.... but why does something so wonderful like a baby come with all these lovely side effects?? One would think morning sickness and fatigue are "natural birth control" for future children, except for the lovely mom-nesia in which you forget ALL the bad the moment you hold the baby and think to yourself "I could totally do this again, I LOVE being pregnant" WTH!?! Talk about mixed messages body!!

I wonder if I can talk Bobby into hiring a housekeeper for me a few times a week? LOL Hell, it's half tempting to beg my friend to come clean my house for $10 an hour one day a week while I take a nap.

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