Oct 19, 2007

Home away from home.

Seems I have been living at the vet's office lately.

Sabin needed his 3rd kitten shot, rabies shot and microchipping so Wednesday before we picked up Austin from school on his early release day we went to the vet and had him updated. We had lost his records so I had to have the rescue agency fax over his records. He did well, he was pretty nervous though. I decided to make an appointment for Isis for the following day since they were having a sale on microchipping and we found that hers had traveled down to her leg on last scan.

So yesterday, Isis drags me into the office while Austin and Christopher help me with Matthew. We find that she only needs one shot, not two and that her microchip was back where is was supposed to be so that saved us $40. I just got a call back that her heartworm test was clear. My 11 month old baby girl is 91 lbs, holy cow. The vet also mentioned she could stand to gain a little weight, she's pretty active and thin, so I agree. I totally underestimated her strength and Bobby told me this is why he would not let me take the leash from him when we were at the park for the Dane reunion. I think we need to invest in some sort of special collar or leash to keep her from ripping our arms off.


Loretta said...

91 pounds! Holy schnikeys!!! She's gotten so big so fast... not that she was tiny LOL

Jess said...

Try the Gentle Leader http://tinyurl.com/2ytl3h
Dria can take Zara for a walk by herself and Zara is at least 60 pounds and strong.