Oct 20, 2007

All eyes on us

I was craving seafood again, so we all went out to Red Lobster tonight. I guess I did not notice, but all the other tables seemed focused on my kids, especially our toddler who was abnormally well behaved at dinner. When we went to leave not only did the server gush how good our three boys are, but two other tables had to stop us on the way out to tell us how good our little boy. One of the women said "well, your girls were really good too" and I had to correct them and tell them all three children are boys, and that my older two sons just have long hair. Christopher, my middle son, pipes up and says "I am a boy, I am just growing out my hair so I can give it to kids who have none." LOL

On the drive home, I told Bobby we do have exceptionally good children, and it will be #4 who is the holy terror. He looked at me and laughed and then said to me "do you think we have good children because we got lucky? Honey, we have good kids because we are both consistent, creative, and expect our children to behave in public. We are the reason why we have such good boys, and it will be no different when the next one comes along."

I think we just have really good kids, and I am not willing to take all the credit, because I think the kids deserve credit too.


Penelope Anne said...

You have good kids because you raised good children...that's what I hear from people. Take pride in that.
Hope the Red Lobster was good, we go for Shrimpfest when we can swing it.

Leighann said...

Don't you love hearing how good your kids are? I eat that up with a spoon! LOL

Loretta said...

I love it when we get compliments like that when we are out to eat and such. Almost always at restaurants.

Now the grocery store is a whole different ball game. No one wants to behave at the grocery store. I don't know what it is about grocery shopping that says "time to misbehave and drive mommy and daddy bonkers"