Oct 31, 2007

Ten Years Ago today

My little Christopher made his appearance into this world.

He was slightly blue, and a very long cone head, and was easily the most beautiful little boy I had laid eyes on.

It's hard to believe that this darling little 5 year old has grown up into my darling little ten year old.



This picture I love, because it shows the initiative of a cleaver little pre-schooler to label the dishes for his cat.


What a cute smile he has.


And here he is today, a charming, smart, funny and compassionate 10 year old. It seems like just yesterday he took my breath away when I held him for the very first time.

I love you baby boy.

9w5d Ultrasound

I got to see my little Belly Bean today, which I have also started to refer as my little June Bug, since he or she will probably arrive in early June; all my babies seem to arrive fashionably late, and I expect this one won't surprise me.


Oct 24, 2007


Nope, not morning sickness this time. The below pictures show what happens each time we leave Isis free in the house. This time I was taking a nap and did not know she got left inside and this is what I come downstairs to. I can't even express into words how devastated I feel right now. DH is on his way home from work right now because he could hear it in my voice how upset I was.

She does this EACH and EVERY time she is alone. Be it when I am upstairs in bed, or when we are gone for 15 hours, or 15 minutes. Our solution was to keep her in the back yard with an invisible fence when we left (weather permitting) and it got turned off because she got stuck under the deck and before we could turn it back on she shredded the wires and now I will probably have to pay another couple hundred dollars I don't have to repair it.

She has done this with homework, with Bobby's $100 dress shoes (twice), with bills, with books, with toys, you name it. I am getting to the point where I am wanting to get her on an anti-anxiety medication like Prozac or Xanax for dogs. We tried crate training her, but that make her anxiety worse and she would have GI problems resulting in explosive diarrhea.


View of most of the mess.


Ongoing damage she has done to my floor rug.


Brand new yarn I was going to use to make something for the baby. Was white, now yellow with pee.


What was formerly known as my favorite shoes.


Christopher's book he was reading for school, in part.


Matthew inspecting the damage.


Matthew laughing at the kitten.

I am off to google ideas on how to deal with separation anxiety, I am tired of dealing with all the damage!

Oct 20, 2007

All eyes on us

I was craving seafood again, so we all went out to Red Lobster tonight. I guess I did not notice, but all the other tables seemed focused on my kids, especially our toddler who was abnormally well behaved at dinner. When we went to leave not only did the server gush how good our three boys are, but two other tables had to stop us on the way out to tell us how good our little boy. One of the women said "well, your girls were really good too" and I had to correct them and tell them all three children are boys, and that my older two sons just have long hair. Christopher, my middle son, pipes up and says "I am a boy, I am just growing out my hair so I can give it to kids who have none." LOL

On the drive home, I told Bobby we do have exceptionally good children, and it will be #4 who is the holy terror. He looked at me and laughed and then said to me "do you think we have good children because we got lucky? Honey, we have good kids because we are both consistent, creative, and expect our children to behave in public. We are the reason why we have such good boys, and it will be no different when the next one comes along."

I think we just have really good kids, and I am not willing to take all the credit, because I think the kids deserve credit too.

Oct 19, 2007

Home away from home.

Seems I have been living at the vet's office lately.

Sabin needed his 3rd kitten shot, rabies shot and microchipping so Wednesday before we picked up Austin from school on his early release day we went to the vet and had him updated. We had lost his records so I had to have the rescue agency fax over his records. He did well, he was pretty nervous though. I decided to make an appointment for Isis for the following day since they were having a sale on microchipping and we found that hers had traveled down to her leg on last scan.

So yesterday, Isis drags me into the office while Austin and Christopher help me with Matthew. We find that she only needs one shot, not two and that her microchip was back where is was supposed to be so that saved us $40. I just got a call back that her heartworm test was clear. My 11 month old baby girl is 91 lbs, holy cow. The vet also mentioned she could stand to gain a little weight, she's pretty active and thin, so I agree. I totally underestimated her strength and Bobby told me this is why he would not let me take the leash from him when we were at the park for the Dane reunion. I think we need to invest in some sort of special collar or leash to keep her from ripping our arms off.

Oct 15, 2007

The Babe!!




Well here s/he is! A cute little dot on the screen with a flickering heart. SO amazing. The little one is less than an inch tall, but s/he already has my heart wrapper around her/his non-existent little finger (hey, s/he has arm buds!)

I am measuring 7w4d and they changed my due date to 5/29/08, but since I probably won't deliver until June anyways, I am keeping my own 5/30/08 due date and expecting her/him somewhere before June 15th.

Oct 14, 2007

"Ditty, NO! NO! NO!"

Sabin decided he was Spider-Cat and made a trip up the dividing wall between the kitchen and the sitting room. He is about as graceful as a bull in a china store and proceeded to knock over my knick-knacks in the process of his little escapade. Matthew the whole time was yelling at him, saying "Sabin, NO!" and "Ditty!! NO! NO! NO! DOWWWWN!" The other two found it hilarious and could not stop laughing. I thought after this little stunt he would call it a night, but no; since then he has knocked over papers on my kitchen island, and knocked stuff off my microwave. Damn cat!

Oct 12, 2007


Yesterday I started spotting light pink, so I called my OBs office and they got me right in. They did an exam and said everything was ok, but to head to the ER is it gets worse (since I had no cramping). Well around 10pm I was getting ready for bed and the blood was a lot heavier and bright red. I argued with myself if it was worth going, but decided 4 hours in the ER was worth the peace of mind.... ha!

I get there at 11:30 and the ER is PACKED. I should have just come home and gone to bed and called my OB in the morning, but by this time I am starting to cramp. SIX hours later they finally call me back (after telling me I was the next one going back and calling 5 people after me). They do a ton of blood work, an ultrasound that they will not let me see, a pelvic that hurt like hell and 6 hours later send me home. So I was there for 11 hours, crazy huh? No one offered anything to eat, drink, and I could not sleep because they needed the lights all on.

When they did the ultrasound I could see part of the side of the screen, and when the measured the fetal heart tones I freaked out because I could only see flat lines. I was so worried my baby's heart was not beating yet. After what seemed like a lifetime I was able to see the radiologist's report and it said I was measuring 6w6d (I was barley 7w0d so that was perfect) they saw a fetal pole and a heart rate of 124 BPM. They also saw "minimal subchorionic low echogenic material seen that may identify minimal blood".

The OB's office called back this morning and said I have an infection that may be causing all these problems combined with implantation bleeding from the placenta. I am on bed rest until the bleeding stops and I have a follow-up appointment on Monday. Between the ER copay, 11 hours of my time, and the medication NOT being covered (one application was $92!!) this has turned into an expensive LONG day. For the most part I am pretty bored, up in bed with my laptop. DH is being pretty good, other than the fact that he is STARVING me up here. LOL

PS. Husband brought me clam chowder soup & crackers and Matthew to cuddle with so he's back to the status of best hubby ever.

Oct 10, 2007

Lay down with you mommy

Matthew was so sweet, he wanted to talk me into letting him watch Sesame Street this morning so he asked me if I would lay down and hold him on the couch. I am so sleepy lately that I almost instantly fell asleep holding him, and I guess I was shivering or something because next thing I know he is covering me with his blanket that he pulled through the bars of his crib. I went upstairs to get my own pillow and blanket and he cuddled in his blanket and together we watched Rosita and Zoe turn Maria into a chicken with Abby Cadabby's wand... or so they think! Oh Sesame Street, I love you. I love you for holding my sons interest, I love you for your characters, and I love you for your lessons.

Oct 9, 2007

Mama, Pizza House!

Matthew has discovered logos and commercialism. He rarely watches TV, but I think he will catch a moment here and there of a commercial or two when we are watching TV because as we were pulling into Taco Bell on Sunday to grad a quick bite before heading to the park he noticed a Pizza Hut sign and started yelling "Pizza House Mama!! Pizza House!!" We never eat Pizza Hut, so I am guessing he must have recognized the logo from a commercial.

He also noticed a car with a Papa John's logo on top of it today while getting Austin from school and he was all excited to see a pizza car. We watched it pull into the school, watched him deliver the goods, and then watched him leave. Matthew was all excited and even had to tell Austin that he saw a pizza car when Austin got into the car. Austin, being 11 and starting to get the teenage enthusiasm just did not share Matthew's joy... shocker there!

Oct 7, 2007

Something fruity

LOL DH just got home, with TWO cow tails and 4 bottles of juice; grape, cranberry-grape, pomagranate-blueberry, and cranberry. Anyone else see a man who does NOT want to get sent back to the store?

It's 12:15 AM, do you know where you husband is?

...my poor guy is at 7-11 getting me juice with the description of "something fruity" and a cow tale. A cow tale by the way is a stick of caramel with a white milky creme inside, pretty gross sounding, don't ask me WHY I am craving it so bad!

Too Pooped to Party


Isis went to the Great Dane reunion for the breeder today and it was a blast!! We got to meet her brother from the same litter and he was SO sweet! We also got to meet about half a dozen puppies and about 80 other dogs for the two hours we were there. Matthew loved seeing all the dogs and playing at the park. Isis loved seeing the other dogs even though she was shy at first. Austin and Christopher had fun playing with the breeders' grandsons. I loved playing with all the other dogs and it was a battle between common sense and my heart strings. Danes are amazing dogs! Thankfully the rain did not come out, neither did the sun, but I still managed to get sunburned.

Oct 5, 2007

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Not sure why, but when I woke up I had this song stuck in my head and have not been able to get it out at all today, so I am going to spread it to you guys like a disease, we can all have it in our heads today.

I have always loved this song, and it always makes me cry, though I am not sure why. The first child had his hair turn white, the second child had birthmarks... but I have never understood how the children with the physical ailments felt the child who's parents made him attend a radical religious sect where the "shook and lurched all over the church floor" had it worse off, but hey! It's artistic, right?

Anyways, just wanted to share with you the song & thoughts in my hormonal little head.

Oct 4, 2007

I think I am going to puke!

Housework sucks so bad right now, because guess what? Dishes stink, laundry stinks, garbage stinks, vacuuming makes me cough and coughing makes me want to puke and my energy level is consistently somewhere in the negative levels.

However I thank my lucky stars for this pregnancy daily, don't get me wrong.... but why does something so wonderful like a baby come with all these lovely side effects?? One would think morning sickness and fatigue are "natural birth control" for future children, except for the lovely mom-nesia in which you forget ALL the bad the moment you hold the baby and think to yourself "I could totally do this again, I LOVE being pregnant" WTH!?! Talk about mixed messages body!!

I wonder if I can talk Bobby into hiring a housekeeper for me a few times a week? LOL Hell, it's half tempting to beg my friend to come clean my house for $10 an hour one day a week while I take a nap.

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Oct 2, 2007


I had my first ultrasound yesterday, it was VERY early so I knew we would not see much. We saw the yolk sac and the gestational sac and I knew they would want to do a repeat scan because in all honestly they should have NEVER done one before 7 weeks and expect to see anything. This afternoon while I was napping the RN called to ask if I could come in next week, I asked if we can wait until the week after next when I will be 7w3d and she agreed, so in less than two weeks I will get to see my little one again!