Sep 21, 2007

Post 4 from TTC section

EDD: 5/30/08

I can't believe how thirsty I am, and then I guzzle water by the gallon all day long and when I try to pee, I barely go at all. I think I am going to call my primary care doc on Monday and see if she can test me for a UTI and order me another beta test since my OBs office STILL did not have the results of my first beta blood test I had drawn on Wednesday morning. The nurse did tell me my blood test was positive, after doubting I was pregnant when their ultra non-sensitive test came back negative.

I am undecided what I want to do about my OBs office. One one hand I am grateful they impregnated me. I am also wanting to use a midwife and they have the only midwives covered by my insurance.... BUT they don't take me seriously, they don't believe in early monitoring and it's hard to get someone on the phone. I miss my old OB, I would love to use him again, but new insurance means new doctors and hospitals.

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