Sep 13, 2007

Moving this back out

[From the Trying to Conceive page: I did not expect to get pregnant on the first month I wrote this so I am moving it out to the main page.]

A little history, I am not new to infertility. I had Christopher in 1997 after being on birth control for a number of years, he was not an accident, but at the same time not planned. He was welcomed into our lives with much joy. When he was about 9 months old we decided we would have another baby, but I was lacking periods from 9 months on Depo Provera. In 1999 we sought out professional help at the military base who tried numerous methods to help my husband and myself. I was eventually referred to an RE (What is an RE?) who diagnosed me with PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO-whaaa?) We tried clomid without success, and eventually took a break, because the Army sent my husband overseas for two years. (Conspiracy to lower our medical bills? I say yes!!) I should also mention at the end of 1999 we were trying to conceive number 3, not number 2 because Austin had just joined our family permanently.

While he was gone, from 2002-2004 my GYN put me on birth control pills, a common "treatment" for PCOS. I say it that way because birth control pills do not treat the syndrome itself, but it does lesson the side effects. Needless to say we got quite a bit of razzing for him being thousands of miles away and me being on the pill, but whatever. In May 2004, three months after he returned home from Iraq, we decided we would stop using the pill and see what happens. In July 2004 we bought our first home and in the moving process we threw out all my old maternity clothes... I figure I was about 5 days past conception at that time, and a blood test probably would not have even showed my new little belly bean. Matthew was born in March of 2005, into the arms of my OB nurse.

As soon as my periods resumed from childbirth we decided we would try to have another... let me back up by saying as soon as I confirmed I was pregnant with Matthew I decided we would have more, but Bobby was not fully on board. Men are funny creatures, they don't see a positive pregnancy test with #3 and think, wow, time to start planning for a fourth. This month marks the second year I have been seriously trying to get pregnant, though we only recently sought out medical assistance because I am still breastfeeding Matthew and I refuse to make Matthew go without so I can give him a sibling. We are seeing a practical nurse in an OB/GYN office for our treatments, because face it, specialists are expensive and I won't take away from money for my other three children to fund a fourth. So now you are pretty much caught up, if you are familiar with basal body temperatures of natural family planning you can click here to visit my WebChart.

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