Sep 10, 2007

Mornings, blah!

Getting up early in the morning to get the kids up and out the door totally contradicts my belief that mornings are for sleeping. Well the newest issue is that when I am ready to get out the door, no one else is. Despite having 75-90 minutes in the morning to get up, get showered, get chores done, get your stuff and go I feel like I am nagging more than normal.

I am thinking maybe the kids need to be getting up earlier and that it is time for them to try their own alarm clock again. I also think maybe they need more visual reminders of when things need to get done....feeding the dogs at 7:15 when we need to leave at 7:20 and the dogs need to be outside when we leave for instance, just does not seem to be working well.

I have visions of my home looking similar to a home for someone with mild memory loss... notes on the inside of the door saying: Did you brush your teeth? and on the outside a reminder to lock the door on your way out. Oooh, I think it's time to break in the new label maker!!

On the toilet I will put a label that says Flush me! and on the bathroom door reminders to pick their underwear off the floor, wipe the puddle off the floor and hang up their towels. I can label their cereal container To be eaten by 7:10. Oh, and across my forehead I can put one that says Does not sign Friday folders on Monday morning! Ok, so maybe not that far, but I think some labels are in order.

Speaking of signs... I deal with a lot of solicitors and I just don't like answering the door when I have not had 10 minutes to myself to shower, am on the phone with the bank with a crying 2 yr old hanging on my leg, and oatmeal in my hair. Especially when it is to tell someone that I do NOT have time to read the paper, don't believe in paying $200 to get my carpets cleaned when they will look just as dirty in 2 days, and that there is no cleaner in the world designed to clean after 3 boys. So I put a big old sign on my screen door that reads:



• We DO NOT want what you have to sell, give, or offer (no matter how good of a deal you say it is).
• We DO NOT want a newspaper, magazines, or our carpet cleaned.
• We DO NOT want your fliers, ads, coupons, or literature on God.
• We will NOT buy your products; if we need a service, we will come to you (if it is not sold in any store, I don’t need it).

Leaving your ad, or trying to sell me your product, GUARENTEES we will NOT do business with your company, as we DO NOT deal with solicitors.

I don’t care how much you think I need it, how sad your story is, or if my neighbor loved it. You are wasting your time on this house, MOVE ON!!

Unless you are invited, or an officer of the law, a mail carrier, a friend, a neighbor, or family; DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FLIER, DO NOT RING OUR BELL, AND DO NOT BOTHER US!!!

There are GUARD DOGS in this house.

There is a PISSED OFF mother in this house who is tired of the doorbell or door waking the napping baby!!


Ok, Elmo is on the TV so I may have 5 minutes to sneak off and shower sometime before the noon nap! YAY!


Natasha said...

Wow! You are a busy mom and with all the boys, how do you do it? I am a mom myself and I have a 3 year boy and my hubby, so I can relate to all the testosterone you have to deal with. I love the comment about soliciting. I totally agree with you on that especially " We will NOT buy your products; if we need a service, we will come to you (if it is not sold in any store, I don’t need it)."
I hope that you have fun watching elmo. Me an my little on was up early and was at the pool, the park, and grocery store and guess who tagged along with us? Elmo of course. hee hee :)

have a great day,

JMom said...

hi there! congrats on being PPP blog of the day. I enjoyed looking through your blog. Your boys are so cute!!

Angela Klocke said...

LOVE the sign. Seriously. I used to just have one that said:

Absolutely NO Soliciting!!!

Unless You're Selling Girl Scout Cookies...

M said...

I loved this. That is the most perfect sign I have read in a long time. :-) I hope it works for you.

Hope you got your shower in.

Karen said...

Have fun being blog of the day!

I love your posts.

Nita said...

Congrats for being the blog of the day at PPP