Sep 30, 2007

Meet Sabin


Last week I saw a maine coon kitty on Pet Finder that I fell in love with. I could not find out the status of that particular kitty, but the person who answered the phone did say that he had some maine coon kittens that would be adoptable on Saturday (yesterday). It took one look for me to fall in love with this little sweetie. He was SO shy the first time I held him that I worried he would not be a good match for our family since we already have two adult cats and two large-breed dogs.

IMG_2803a Two hours after he got here he finally started coming out of his shell and was still pretty shy with us, he was pretty playful with toys.

IMG_2800a Today he is a new kitty, he loves to be held, and very cuddly and sweet. He will still run when you walk towards him, but he's opening up. I trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears, and gave him a bath today and he did very well, he's pretty trusting. He still does not like the other animals, and the cats don't like him, but the dogs are quite curious and Isis got a face full of cat claw this morning as a warning she was in his space. He's not quite litter box trained yet, he has had one accident, but he's also used his box when we took him to it.

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