Sep 18, 2007



What a sweetie, my husband had these delivered to me this afternoon. I was teasing him last night because I was in IMs with a friend and asked her what she thought the chances were that he bought me flowers (I am thinking $4.99 grocery store flowers), and she said "None, he is a man". I teased him a little bit and that was that.

Well this afternoon my door bell rang. I almost did not answer it because I thought it was a solicitor, but I did and saw the prettiest flowers. For a moment I thought it was from a friend, but the card proved otherwise.


It said "Congratulations to the new mommy. Love, your husband Bobby.

Apparently he said he tried to order them yesterday, but they were closed, so he did it bright and early in this morning. I knew he sounded funny when I called him at 11:00 am! :)


Meg said...

awwww, what a sweetheart!! :)

Heather said...

I decided he is a keeper, besides, he makes pretty babies.