Sep 30, 2007

Meet Sabin


Last week I saw a maine coon kitty on Pet Finder that I fell in love with. I could not find out the status of that particular kitty, but the person who answered the phone did say that he had some maine coon kittens that would be adoptable on Saturday (yesterday). It took one look for me to fall in love with this little sweetie. He was SO shy the first time I held him that I worried he would not be a good match for our family since we already have two adult cats and two large-breed dogs.

IMG_2803a Two hours after he got here he finally started coming out of his shell and was still pretty shy with us, he was pretty playful with toys.

IMG_2800a Today he is a new kitty, he loves to be held, and very cuddly and sweet. He will still run when you walk towards him, but he's opening up. I trimmed his nails, cleaned his ears, and gave him a bath today and he did very well, he's pretty trusting. He still does not like the other animals, and the cats don't like him, but the dogs are quite curious and Isis got a face full of cat claw this morning as a warning she was in his space. He's not quite litter box trained yet, he has had one accident, but he's also used his box when we took him to it.

Sep 28, 2007

Ultrasound #1 scheduled

For those of you who are familiar with blood serum hCG quantitative tests (sometimes called Beta's) you may find this little lesson boring, so you may want to skip ahead. hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced by an embryo soon after implantation into the uterus. When it leaks into urine, you can then get a positive home pregnancy test. hCG prevents the corpus luteum from disintegrating, since the corpus luteum is what produces progesterone, the hormone that sustains the pregnancy. Early hCG testing in pregnancy can be useful in guessing the viability of the fetus by watching how fast hCG levels multiply, the average being every 48 hours.

On 12 days past ovulation my first hCG levels were 65.

On 17 days past ovulation my second hCG levels were around 550. (I was so excited I did not catch the actual level)

On Monday I will have my first ultrasound to see if they can see a heartbeat yet, I will be 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I think the chances of seeing more than a gestational sac and a yolk sac are pretty slim. I am about 95% sure we will not see a heartbeat at all.

Sep 21, 2007

I told the boys today

Their reaction was so funny!

I could not hold out any longer, the conversation had me rolling and I realized you really cannot keep a secret from kids.

Me: "Austin, have you realized that mommy's been really tired and sick lately?"
Austin: "Yes"
Me: "Well, would you like to know why?"
Austin: "Because your pregnant?"
Me: "How did you know that?"
Austin: "I found the test and it said you were".
Me: "Wow. So how do you feel about it?"
Austin: "Ehh, I'm used to it by now".

LOL The little stinker, no wonder he has been offering to watch Matthew for me lately. I would mention in the car am tired and he would say "Why don't you go take a nap and Matthew and I will play quietly together downstairs?" He's known since Tuesday, the day after we found out and has not mentioned he knew! LOL

Christopher's reaction was any funnier.

Me: "Christopher, have you realized that mommy's been really tired and sick lately?"
Christopher: "Yes"
Me: "Well, it's because Mommy is pregnant again".
Christopher: "Are you joking? Are you really going to have a baby? Are you just teasing me??"
Me: "No, I am serious, I am really pregnant".
Christopher: "I am so happy!! Congratulations! I am so excited!!"

He then rubs my belly and starts asking questions about if I know the gender and how big the baby is and when it will be here and wanted to know when the baby was due and all those sorts of questions. He then went on to say he was nervous, he has never had FOUR brothers before... LOL I told him first of all, unless their are two boys in there he will have THREE brothers, and there is always the chance it is a girl and he would have two brothers and a sister.

My friend Julia was over visiting at the time and we were just cracking up. Christopher is so sweet and so innocent, where Austin is so loving, yet so nonchalant, but so loving, cuddly and considerate at the same time. It was a great day and I really enjoyed visiting with my friend. We are going to go see Across the Universe tomorrow so we can go see a movie that I know is going to make me cry without fear of teasing from Bobby who really does not have an interest in the movie.

Post 4 from TTC section

EDD: 5/30/08

I can't believe how thirsty I am, and then I guzzle water by the gallon all day long and when I try to pee, I barely go at all. I think I am going to call my primary care doc on Monday and see if she can test me for a UTI and order me another beta test since my OBs office STILL did not have the results of my first beta blood test I had drawn on Wednesday morning. The nurse did tell me my blood test was positive, after doubting I was pregnant when their ultra non-sensitive test came back negative.

I am undecided what I want to do about my OBs office. One one hand I am grateful they impregnated me. I am also wanting to use a midwife and they have the only midwives covered by my insurance.... BUT they don't take me seriously, they don't believe in early monitoring and it's hard to get someone on the phone. I miss my old OB, I would love to use him again, but new insurance means new doctors and hospitals.

Sep 18, 2007



What a sweetie, my husband had these delivered to me this afternoon. I was teasing him last night because I was in IMs with a friend and asked her what she thought the chances were that he bought me flowers (I am thinking $4.99 grocery store flowers), and she said "None, he is a man". I teased him a little bit and that was that.

Well this afternoon my door bell rang. I almost did not answer it because I thought it was a solicitor, but I did and saw the prettiest flowers. For a moment I thought it was from a friend, but the card proved otherwise.


It said "Congratulations to the new mommy. Love, your husband Bobby.

Apparently he said he tried to order them yesterday, but they were closed, so he did it bright and early in this morning. I knew he sounded funny when I called him at 11:00 am! :)

Sep 17, 2007

Post 3 from TTC section

(Written 9/17/07)

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - EDD: 5/30/08

Yup! I peed two lines!!

(Click to Enlarge)

I will get a blood test on 9/19 and then have my first official appointment in 4-6 weeks.

Guess I can delete my cycle ticker down below and use this one instead:

pregnancy week by week
Baby Gender Predictor
Baby Gender Predictor

We are feeling so over the moon excited right now, I can't wait to see the heartbeat of my little Bellybean.

I guess I am not crazy afterall!

VERY VERY Exciting news

We are going to be a family of SIX soon! Check out my Trying to Conceive page posts called "Post X from TTC section" (X meaning #1-#4) for more details.

Sep 16, 2007

Post 2 from TTC section

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - ???

Well, here it is, 3 days later, and still nothing new. I should find out this week what my progesterone levels are, but I am 100% sure I did indeed ovulate on the 7th. I am 9 days after ovulation today, and yesterday had a nice little dip in my chart some could call an "implantation dip" and other's would call an estrogen surge.

Symptom Checker:

Nausea - 5 days now
Smell Aversion - 4 days now
Bloating - Started Today
Constipated - 2 days now
Cramping - Yesterday
Fatigue - 2 days now
Moody - Started today
I also noticed yesterday and today my gums are swollen and sore.

So, all can be chalked up to PMS, my overactive imagination, or an illness. I am not saying if I feel pregnant or not because honestly I don't know. I do know time seems to be going so slow. It is so hard to wait to test, but these below percentages explain why I am trying my hardest to wait. These are the percentages of when the average woman will get a positive pregnancy test.

* 35% at 10dpo
* 51% at 11dpo
* 62% at 12dpo
* 68% at 13dpo
* 74% at 14dpo
* 80% at 15dpo
* 88% at 16dpo
* 92% at 17dpo

And the insert says "In clinical testing, FIRST RESPONSE® detected the hormone levels in 69% of women 4 days before their expected period, in 83% of women 3 days before their expected period, in 93% of women 2 days before their expected period, and in 93% of women 1 day before their expected period."

So, if I tested tomorrow, I would have a 35% chance of testing positive by one statistic or 69% by another statistic; both seem pretty low if you ask me.

I hate this waiting it's crazy hard waiting this long if you ask me.

Anyways, I normally spot 1-2 days before I start my period, which is due on Saturday, so if I have not spotted by Friday that will be a good sign, but hopefully I will have some answers before then. :)

Sep 14, 2007

Had to Cry Today

The song I am listening to, in the signature today and the blog title fits today perfectly. I wish I had my camera on me, I would love to share the experience. Maybe today when I get Austin to school I will take my camera and pull to the side of the road and take a picture.

In December, Officer Ken Jordan was killed in the line of duty just blocks from my home while trying to apprehend a suspected drunk driver. The driver decided he did not want another DUI and shot and killed the officer in cold blood. For weeks the bridge he was shot was decorated with flowers, candles, cards, stuffed animals, and frequently visited by his fellow comrades. Every time I would pass that site, I would cry.

Well, I guess today was his birthday, because as I drove by this afternoon I saw a beautiful bouquet of roses, a bunch of balloons and a huge birthday card. I grew up around our men and women in blue; my father worked for the county and we frequently visited the court house and I remember often him introducing me to this officer or that officer and I also got to tour the local juvenile facility and getting to ride in police cars. We all grew up with a huge respect for the law and for police officers.


In an unrelated note, my house smells like a cat box. My cat started inappropriately urinating on the dog bed, the cat beds, etc. I though he was just expressing himself in a negative way, until I noticed he was visiting the cat box every few minutes and staying there for long stretches of time with limited results. This made me almost positive it was a urinary problem of some sort and I immediately called the vet and requested a drop-off appointment. They will call me when he's done and the kids and I will be busy cleaning today and tomorrow. I could not find my cat carrier, so he had to ride on my lap with a leash & collar and in the 10 minutes while he was in the car managed to pee on my leg. He had peed in the cat bed right before we left too.


General Matthew Cuteness:

Daddy was changing Matthew and he pulled a big old booger out of his nose, sticks the finger with the booger out at daddy and said "Here Dad, for you".


Matthew likes to make himself burp, especially after he gets a drink, today after finishing my water he makes himself burp and it's strained and really gross sounding and he said "Mmmmm, Juicy!" I am almost positive he was referring to the sound, not the taste as he had not had anything fruity to eat yet.

He is such a boy!!


Forgot to mention, Austin has his first school dance today ::Sniff, Sniff:: My baby is growing up!!

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Sep 13, 2007

Post 1 from TTC section

Cycle Dates: 8/15/07 - ???

This is my second cycle on 50 mg of clomid, I ovulated later than my NP wanted me to, on day 24, where ideal is day 14. She had me using Ovulation Prediction Kits to know when to schedule my very first IUI, (Intra-Uterine Insemination) which was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. If I don't get my period this month, I will be taking a home pregnancy test on 9/22/07. I know you are all finding it difficult to wait this long for some news, but it's hard for me too. The body plays many tricks on a woman and PMS feels surprisingly similar to pregnancy, it's difficult not to think that every upset stomach could be the result of lunch that did not agree with me, not morning sickness.

Moving this back out

[From the Trying to Conceive page: I did not expect to get pregnant on the first month I wrote this so I am moving it out to the main page.]

A little history, I am not new to infertility. I had Christopher in 1997 after being on birth control for a number of years, he was not an accident, but at the same time not planned. He was welcomed into our lives with much joy. When he was about 9 months old we decided we would have another baby, but I was lacking periods from 9 months on Depo Provera. In 1999 we sought out professional help at the military base who tried numerous methods to help my husband and myself. I was eventually referred to an RE (What is an RE?) who diagnosed me with PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCO-whaaa?) We tried clomid without success, and eventually took a break, because the Army sent my husband overseas for two years. (Conspiracy to lower our medical bills? I say yes!!) I should also mention at the end of 1999 we were trying to conceive number 3, not number 2 because Austin had just joined our family permanently.

While he was gone, from 2002-2004 my GYN put me on birth control pills, a common "treatment" for PCOS. I say it that way because birth control pills do not treat the syndrome itself, but it does lesson the side effects. Needless to say we got quite a bit of razzing for him being thousands of miles away and me being on the pill, but whatever. In May 2004, three months after he returned home from Iraq, we decided we would stop using the pill and see what happens. In July 2004 we bought our first home and in the moving process we threw out all my old maternity clothes... I figure I was about 5 days past conception at that time, and a blood test probably would not have even showed my new little belly bean. Matthew was born in March of 2005, into the arms of my OB nurse.

As soon as my periods resumed from childbirth we decided we would try to have another... let me back up by saying as soon as I confirmed I was pregnant with Matthew I decided we would have more, but Bobby was not fully on board. Men are funny creatures, they don't see a positive pregnancy test with #3 and think, wow, time to start planning for a fourth. This month marks the second year I have been seriously trying to get pregnant, though we only recently sought out medical assistance because I am still breastfeeding Matthew and I refuse to make Matthew go without so I can give him a sibling. We are seeing a practical nurse in an OB/GYN office for our treatments, because face it, specialists are expensive and I won't take away from money for my other three children to fund a fourth. So now you are pretty much caught up, if you are familiar with basal body temperatures of natural family planning you can click here to visit my WebChart.

Quick update, new page

Notice over to the right there is a new page called "Trying to Conceive", I added this to keep everyone who wants to know about our TTC journey informed without having updates on my main page. The updates, when I add them, will be on the bottom of the page. I will probably only have updates once a week or less, unless something big happens.

Due to lack of posting, I am deleting the Trying to Conceive page and putting all the posts on the main page.

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Overheard at the grocery store.

The other day I was grocery shopping and I overheard a middle age woman comment to a young mother with a large family "you know what causes that, right?" I should have said something, I felt bad for the mom who seemed taken aback by the comment. I did not understand why the older woman felt like sticking her nose into the mother's business.

All 5 of the young children were healthy, clean, well mannered and the mom, though still being frugal about it, made her purchases with cash, not WIC or a state issued food assistance card. I don't think the mom had these children because she was too stupid for birth control, they seemed naturally spaced, the youngest child contently nursed from his mother's breast while being worn in the sling... Oh my, nursing in PUBLIC?? What would the older woman say if she noticed that??

This got me thinking to inappropriate comments I have received, specifically referring to my three sons. I can't tell you how many times I am asked if I plan on trying for a girl... when did boys become the consultation prize? Did G-d put a child into my womb and say "Sorry, you did not win the prize this time, but take what is behind door number two so you won't be sent home empty handed". My usual response is that if we decide to have another it will be to have another baby, not play Russian roulette and only want one specific gender. The most offensive was when I was pregnant, the cashier asked if I knew the gender of the baby (as she is scanning 100% blue clothes, blankets, etc) and when she heard it was another boy she looked at my other two sons and said "Are you guys sad you are having a brother? I mean sisters are so much better, wouldn't you rather have a sister?" Yeah, because *I* was the one who chose their genders, but come on! My oldest son was hoping for a brother, but my middle son was licking his wounds from being wrong on his guess and at the time was hoping for a sister. Anyways, I digress.

When did society think that the store was an appropriate place to lecture someone about reproduction? Obviously the young mom had read page one of a parenting book if she knew her kids needed to eat. I know people who are not that sophisticated. Also, it is not like this mom was at the drive through window with grubby kids screaming for a soda pop and fried chicken nuggets. If the store was the place to lecture parents on birth control, wouldn't you think Planned Parenthood would have rented a pagoda at the front of the store? Maybe the wife could look over to her husband and say "honey, can you go pick up paper towels, and while you are on isle 7 get that vasectomy we have been wanting?"

To the woman at the grocery store.. please save your breath, find another medium for your cause. Volunteer at the woman's shelter, help families in crisis, send an article into the newspaper about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint, or help raise money for a family who has an ailing family member and needs money to pay for cancer treatment. I don't believe you said what you did out of malice, but it was in bad taste and only served to annoy the mother and other patrons in the store. Cut the mother some slack, her 5 kids were so much better than a lot of families I see with only one child. If you want to see some bad kids, go shop at Walmart, you will be running for the pharmacy section and popping headache medicine faster than you can say "wear a condom".

To everyone else, think twice before you make "harmless" comments to mothers, our hearts are fragile from countless sleepless nights, an infinite number of kissed boo-boos and "I love you's". We have to deal with our children's tears of disappointment when they don't get what they want, lose their best friend, break up with their first crush, and get teased by the neighborhood bully.

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Sep 10, 2007

Mornings, blah!

Getting up early in the morning to get the kids up and out the door totally contradicts my belief that mornings are for sleeping. Well the newest issue is that when I am ready to get out the door, no one else is. Despite having 75-90 minutes in the morning to get up, get showered, get chores done, get your stuff and go I feel like I am nagging more than normal.

I am thinking maybe the kids need to be getting up earlier and that it is time for them to try their own alarm clock again. I also think maybe they need more visual reminders of when things need to get done....feeding the dogs at 7:15 when we need to leave at 7:20 and the dogs need to be outside when we leave for instance, just does not seem to be working well.

I have visions of my home looking similar to a home for someone with mild memory loss... notes on the inside of the door saying: Did you brush your teeth? and on the outside a reminder to lock the door on your way out. Oooh, I think it's time to break in the new label maker!!

On the toilet I will put a label that says Flush me! and on the bathroom door reminders to pick their underwear off the floor, wipe the puddle off the floor and hang up their towels. I can label their cereal container To be eaten by 7:10. Oh, and across my forehead I can put one that says Does not sign Friday folders on Monday morning! Ok, so maybe not that far, but I think some labels are in order.

Speaking of signs... I deal with a lot of solicitors and I just don't like answering the door when I have not had 10 minutes to myself to shower, am on the phone with the bank with a crying 2 yr old hanging on my leg, and oatmeal in my hair. Especially when it is to tell someone that I do NOT have time to read the paper, don't believe in paying $200 to get my carpets cleaned when they will look just as dirty in 2 days, and that there is no cleaner in the world designed to clean after 3 boys. So I put a big old sign on my screen door that reads:



• We DO NOT want what you have to sell, give, or offer (no matter how good of a deal you say it is).
• We DO NOT want a newspaper, magazines, or our carpet cleaned.
• We DO NOT want your fliers, ads, coupons, or literature on God.
• We will NOT buy your products; if we need a service, we will come to you (if it is not sold in any store, I don’t need it).

Leaving your ad, or trying to sell me your product, GUARENTEES we will NOT do business with your company, as we DO NOT deal with solicitors.

I don’t care how much you think I need it, how sad your story is, or if my neighbor loved it. You are wasting your time on this house, MOVE ON!!

Unless you are invited, or an officer of the law, a mail carrier, a friend, a neighbor, or family; DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FLIER, DO NOT RING OUR BELL, AND DO NOT BOTHER US!!!

There are GUARD DOGS in this house.

There is a PISSED OFF mother in this house who is tired of the doorbell or door waking the napping baby!!


Ok, Elmo is on the TV so I may have 5 minutes to sneak off and shower sometime before the noon nap! YAY!

Sep 9, 2007

Oh, you mean this month??

So, I have been casually mentioning to my husband that the lawn needs mowed. If you saw the pictures of my crappy yard, you would see that it is a 10 minute project that I just HATE doing and hubby said he would do since the end of August. I keep reminding him it needs to happen and it does not happen. I just about gave up and planned on doing it Monday afternoon when Bobby FINALLY went out tonight and did it, in literally 10 minutes! Of course this if after he told me Friday night he would do it; all day yesterday, and then last night he said he would do it early this morning.