Aug 29, 2007

What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine.

Ahhhh, life with a toddler, what a joyous experience that is! I think having a toddler is an experience must all go through to prevent us from judging animals who eat their young.

So it's smack time in the Mistakes household, and Matthew is happily munching on some Bunny Grahams, raisins, and a big glass of water like a big boy at the table. I decide since it's 10 am and I am hungry to grab a snack for myself too. I just don't understand how I could already be hungry, I did eat breakfast, but then I remembered that a grapefruit alone does not go very far when your two year old is sitting on your lap saying "BITE! MORE MOMMY!" before you can even get the food to your mouth.. anyways I digress.

So I grab myself a Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar and the little stops eating his snack and says "MY manamana mommy!" which apparently means "granola bar" to a 2 yr old. So I give him half wondering WHY I am not 98 lbs by now living with the food gremlin. So the rest of snack time goes like normal; Matthew climbs on the table and starts dancing, in the process knocks over the water, spills the bunny grahams, hears the garbage truck and abandons the raisins. Starts yelling at the dog who is in the other room, but he feels is encroaching on his food and then ends up playing on the stairs. I remind him he needs to eat his snack and he glares angrily at me and then uses his highchair as a barricade while using his food as cars.

The one-half granola bar did little to satisfy my hunger, but it's not worth it to go find something else, if I hear "mine mommy" one more time my head is likely to explode.

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Farrah said...

So true!! My 17month old will spit out food from his own plate but will eat the very same food if he thinks it came from my plate. Such a little drama-king!

Natalie said...

I hear ya...I should be an anorexic twig with all the food intended for me that ends up in the tummy of my 2 year old.

james said...

hey I just noticed that your PPP badge on your sidebar isn't working correctly. Nice site btw.

Vien said...

Hi there! Just hopped over from PPP. This post left me laughing in stiches and my soon-to-be 2 yo is beginning to be like yours. I guess it's time for me to hide a stash of granola bars and eat 'em while I'm in the pantry.