Aug 22, 2007

What is it about a blue shirt?

That makes my boy SO sleepy??

Here is a picture from July of him sleeping in his chair:

And another one from just a few days ago of him sleeping on the couch:
I have cuter angles of this picture over on my Flickr, but I think this one is so funny with the cat tail on his face and him not even moving.

So this gets me thinking, does Matthew only sleep in blue, or does he only own blue?? So I start digging through the archives of my pics and I am shocked to see that Matthew does in fact wear other colors, but he ONLY is pictured sleeping while in blue, or with blue socks if his outfit has more than one color.

Take a look (click to enlarge):

He's wearing blue right now, so why is he messing with the dog's food dish and not cute and sleepy??

AH-HAH! I found a picture of him sleeping and he's not in blue, he's naked except for his pants & diaper.... maybe they are blue too?

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Loretta said...

Having to shop for boys it's hard to find things that are blue or red!! Everything seems to look the same. And blue is a comfy, cozy, sleepy color sometimes -lol-