Aug 27, 2007


No, I did not trip and stub my toe, I just wanted to introduce you to a website called What an interesting name you may say? Well I am not sure how this name came to be, but if I had to guess I think it is some weird merging of names which is so popular today... can anyone say Benifer? Brangelina? Tomkat?

So here is my theory, some creative geniuses named Thor and Ofira were working together on an on demand news, video, blog, and website program, kind of like TiVo for the PC. They realized after years of work that they both shared a passion for tarsiers (google it) and ended up having a wild torrid affair which ended in much heartbreak and a stronger desire to make their lovechild, the leading website for personalized news and information retrieval.

So, playing around with Thoof, I decided to thoof myself (wow, sounds dirty eh?) to see how thoofable (watch for that word, soon to come to a dictionary near you) I am. Well, I guess I am famous! I saw an article about "Which came first, the stripper or the name" which mentioned that although my name is not that of a stripper, my name is that of a suburbanite soccer mom. It also went on to say that I may have been doomed to dance for dollars had my parents named me Candi or something similar. Interesting, too bad my parents were not able to thoof a name for me that would have landed me in a mansion somewhere, instead of driving a minivan with a gaggle of sons.

Don't forget to submit your own articles to thoof, if you do, you can add a ThoofRank Badge to put on your blog or website to proudly display how popular you have become on thoof!

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