Aug 29, 2007

What's mine is mine. What's yours is mine.

Ahhhh, life with a toddler, what a joyous experience that is! I think having a toddler is an experience must all go through to prevent us from judging animals who eat their young.

So it's smack time in the Mistakes household, and Matthew is happily munching on some Bunny Grahams, raisins, and a big glass of water like a big boy at the table. I decide since it's 10 am and I am hungry to grab a snack for myself too. I just don't understand how I could already be hungry, I did eat breakfast, but then I remembered that a grapefruit alone does not go very far when your two year old is sitting on your lap saying "BITE! MORE MOMMY!" before you can even get the food to your mouth.. anyways I digress.

So I grab myself a Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bar and the little stops eating his snack and says "MY manamana mommy!" which apparently means "granola bar" to a 2 yr old. So I give him half wondering WHY I am not 98 lbs by now living with the food gremlin. So the rest of snack time goes like normal; Matthew climbs on the table and starts dancing, in the process knocks over the water, spills the bunny grahams, hears the garbage truck and abandons the raisins. Starts yelling at the dog who is in the other room, but he feels is encroaching on his food and then ends up playing on the stairs. I remind him he needs to eat his snack and he glares angrily at me and then uses his highchair as a barricade while using his food as cars.

The one-half granola bar did little to satisfy my hunger, but it's not worth it to go find something else, if I hear "mine mommy" one more time my head is likely to explode.

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Aug 28, 2007

All about Hair


Matthew got his hair cut today, he was so good and did not complain one bit. He barely moved at all and did not even flinch when they brought the shaver out. By the way, in the picture he is eating yogurt; as you can see he is good at getting it into his mouth, keeping it in there is another story.

Bobby also got his hair cut, but I don't have a picture of that, he looks nice.

Austin & Christopher still have long hair, I told them we will keep measuring it until it is 13", they still want to send it to Locks of Love. They are measuring 10" and 8" respectively.

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Aug 27, 2007

Things Learned

1. I learned that I have WAY too many songs with hidden tracks, silence or just crazy long on my iTunes, easily remedied by clicking Get Info>Options>Skip when Shuffling, OR in a large batch edit Get Info>Skip When Shuffling>Yes. I know, my anal retentiveness qualities are showing, but I hate having to Fast Forward through songs when listening to my iPod.

2. Dogs are the most annoying creatures EVER, just ask the one who lays in front of me and won't let me move, or the one who is obsessively licking a bone and will not stop bringing it in the house no matter how many times I toss it out the door. The bone is supposed to keep her from chewing my deck, not enable her to annoy me in the house.

3. Friends are friends are friends. Be them online friends, or real life friends, it does not matter, they are there to pick you up when you are down and it works. After some encouraging emails and phone calls, I feel so much better about my day. I am not at 100% yet, but I think that won't come until a good night's sleep.

4. YouTube is EVIL! I watched this today and turned into a bawling puddle of tears... any of the videos they show about Soldiers or Iraq hit so close to home I just have a mini emotional breakdown. I have mentioned how much I LOVE what the Patriot Guard Riders are doing, but this tribute from an Aunt of a fallen soldier touched me even more than the news stories I have seen. I also love the Welcome Home Soldier program too. THANK YOU to our men and women serving our country, and THANK YOU to the men and women who serve those who serve or served! You are just as important as the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen!

Enjoy your cry, I know I did.

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No, I did not trip and stub my toe, I just wanted to introduce you to a website called What an interesting name you may say? Well I am not sure how this name came to be, but if I had to guess I think it is some weird merging of names which is so popular today... can anyone say Benifer? Brangelina? Tomkat?

So here is my theory, some creative geniuses named Thor and Ofira were working together on an on demand news, video, blog, and website program, kind of like TiVo for the PC. They realized after years of work that they both shared a passion for tarsiers (google it) and ended up having a wild torrid affair which ended in much heartbreak and a stronger desire to make their lovechild, the leading website for personalized news and information retrieval.

So, playing around with Thoof, I decided to thoof myself (wow, sounds dirty eh?) to see how thoofable (watch for that word, soon to come to a dictionary near you) I am. Well, I guess I am famous! I saw an article about "Which came first, the stripper or the name" which mentioned that although my name is not that of a stripper, my name is that of a suburbanite soccer mom. It also went on to say that I may have been doomed to dance for dollars had my parents named me Candi or something similar. Interesting, too bad my parents were not able to thoof a name for me that would have landed me in a mansion somewhere, instead of driving a minivan with a gaggle of sons.

Don't forget to submit your own articles to thoof, if you do, you can add a ThoofRank Badge to put on your blog or website to proudly display how popular you have become on thoof!

When good days go bad..

Disclaimer: This entry is rated PG-13.

I had today's blog entry pre-written in my head, I was going to call it "Mommy's Little Helper: A love story" and gush about my love of Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha, or my lifeblood, and how even after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep I can accomplish so much before 9am and how much I had gotten done already.... then at 8:50am my good day went bad.

So when I look back it was not the best day, but with all the pitfalls I was still able to get the kids off to school without choking them, the car jumped which involved calling the dealership to find out how to override the shift lock and moving a dead car onto the street, still got Austin to school on time at 7:30, got $150 worth of groceries, got a roast & veggies into the slow cooker AND got myself a dentist appointment for today for the tooth I chipped on Saturday... and then with one simple phone call to DH the day changed and my good day turned bad.

Now I am not going to say my husband ruined my day, but that is because he reads my blog... but I think you can read between the lines. I guess the main issue I am having is getting the kids up at 6am just does not seem like early enough for them to get showered, dressed, get their chores done, breakfast eaten, hair & teeth brushed and out the door by 7:20 & 7:30. I am really debating whether or not I need to start getting them up at 5:30 which means either I need to get up at that time also, which is nearly impossible when I don't get to sleep until after midnight, OR if I can trust them to get up on their own with an alarm clock, and get ready without waking up the whole house. Some mornings I want to duct tape the mouth of my 9 yr old shut because he fills the entire house with nonsense noise... throaty noises like "uh-uh-uh-uh" which serve the ONLY purpose of comforting him and annoying the shit out the other 4 members of the family.

So the car battery was dead this morning, either Austin or Bobby left a light on inside and the car would not start, nor go into neutral without being started. So I called the dealership who told me to look in my manual for how to override the steering lock, which was a delightful discovery that I hope we never have to use again. Backing the car into the driveway did not work, my cables were about 2" to short, so we gave some lady a heart attack as we pushed it down the driveway thinking that we were going to have the brute strength to push the car uphill into her car and she gave us a friendly little honk while waving at us with a single finger, I was thrilled with her strong level of perception that roads are only made for one car at a time and choosing to get pissed instead of you know, going around and driving on the correct side of the road instead of the middle.

Ok, so whatever... I got the kids' papers signed as I was trying to run out the door to get Austin to school in time after the whole fiasco. I hate it when teachers come into the house early Monday morning and sneak papers into backpacks instead of giving them to the kids on Friday, it makes Mondays so much more interesting I guess. By this time I am already losing my voice because the kids have been up over an hour and in that time have only managed to shower and dress. The animals are starved, they have not eaten, and the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen looks like a hurricane swept through it. I swear, kids have the anti-midas touch and everything they touch turns to shit. Ok, maybe not that bad turns to dirty, wet, filthy garbage, that is nicer.

So I get Austin to school, I go to Safeway to get a much needed coffee & some milk and ended up with $150 worth of groceries and we will still not have anything to eat. When I got home I browned a roast, cut up potatoes and onion & tossed them all in a slow cooker with baby carrots, garlic, and seasonings and dinner is done. While unloading the rest of my groceries I put a call into the dentist and snag a same day appointment at 4pm to get a filling put in the molar I chipped this weekend when I bit on the barbell of my tongue piercing which keeps rubbing on my tongue and making it swell. I called DH and asked him if he could come home 30 minutes early because there is no way I can get Austin at 3:30, pick up Christopher from home, take them a sitter and be at the dentist's office at 3:45. Well that was a no-go so I had to call and reschedule at their next available appointment 3 weeks from now... I must be the world biggest baby because after 3 days of this I am ready to just pull the damn tooth myself... but after three weeks I will be wanting to shoot myself, I cannot handle tooth pain!

Ok, so I am frustrated with the dentist and my husband and my child who has already had his third trip into time out for yelling at me, getting into the fridge and for not listening, and the tears are starting to flow. I toss the toddler into the highchair with a yogurt, drink my coffee and try to clean up my mess from making dinner. The trash of course is overflowing because that is my middle son's chore (that is a rant for another blog entry... I got to clean underwear off my curb because apparently my MDS got lost in his 20 foot walk out to the trash can). I also busy myself with filling my in-sink soap dispenser with the dish soap I bought today because I ran out of the bulk soap 2 weeks ago and have just been using my little bottle. I guess in the two weeks it sat empty it broke because I can push the dispenser down, but it will not come back up... so I just wasted 1/4 a big bottle of Dawn into the empty abyss of brokenness. In the process of trying to fix it I overflow my sink with suds and I learn that we have no clean dishrags to clean up the huge mess with. I turn to grab a paper towel and knock the cutting board off my counter sending the 1/2 an onion I did not use flying through the air. I take another sip of coffee and clean up my mess.

Meanwhile the baby starts complaining that he is still hungry and asks for another yogurt. I offer a banana instead which he gladly accepted and I left the room to come in here and start writing. Next thing I know a yogurt covered baby had escaped from his highchair, abandon the uneaten banana and made his way to my couch leaving a trail of yogurt paw prints all over my kitchen table, cloth dining room chairs, walls, and my couch... as I jump up I knock over my cup and my coffee ends up on my carpet. I am SO ready to crawl back into bed and call it a day... the baby can pick up Austin from school at 3, I'll leave the car keys on my desk within reach.

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Aug 26, 2007


Today on the Science Channel I watched the coolest show called Eco-Tech, which is all about reducing our strain on the environment. This episode was about building homes that reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet. Since I tuned into the show a little late I have only been able to tour three different homes/concepts. The first was a wooden home with a house within a house that allowed the sun to heat the main wall and release the heat through the day to keep it hot in the winter, and in the summer it causes the heat to circulate through the attic and pull up the cool basement air. The homebuilder brags an 80% reduction in utility costs.

Even cooler were these biotectures called Earthships. These unique homes are made of earth and tires and bottles to make fully self sufficient homes that use about $100 a year in utility costs. These homes are completely independent and use no city utilities. It makes it's own power, recycles rainwater, takes care of sewage and heats/cools itself.

The next thing they showed was paint that could last for 1,000 years, resists graffiti, mold, and breaks down carbon monoxide emitted from cars. They also showed windows that could control how much sunlight would be allowed through them and green rooftops on skyscrapers (rooftop gardens) which would reduce wastewater put into the sewage system, as well as lower the temperature on the roof and make the air conditioner work more efficient, as well as reducing pollutants in the air.

In my own home, I feel like I could be doing so much more to reduce my carbon footprints, yes I use CFL bulbs in almost all my light fixtures. We recycle and we have replaced all our old appliances with new energy star appliances. We use a HE washer and dryer to reduce the water I use, and we use cloth diapers on the baby. I am in the process of switching to all natural cleaning products and laundry soap to reduce the amounts of pollutants I put in the sewer. I know I could do SO MUCH MORE. I have all the supplies to build a clothesline, yet I still don't have one because my backyard is so smelly from the lack of grass and overabundance of dog pee. I also don't have a garden because again the dogs make the back yard unpleasant. I also could not justify the cost of a new tankless water heater, so we did go for a more efficient one than the old one, however I think the only way we will ever have higher efficient home is to start fresh and build our own home where we can recycle rainwater for landscaping, incorporate solar panels into the design, have a tankless water heater, use CFL, all energy star appliances, and possibly geothermal heating, cooling.

I think with a little more planning we all could take baby steps to reduce our carbon footprint and all live a little greener with tiny little changes that make less of an impact on our day to day living, but a great impact on the amount of strain on the planet.

Aug 22, 2007

What is it about a blue shirt?

That makes my boy SO sleepy??

Here is a picture from July of him sleeping in his chair:

And another one from just a few days ago of him sleeping on the couch:
I have cuter angles of this picture over on my Flickr, but I think this one is so funny with the cat tail on his face and him not even moving.

So this gets me thinking, does Matthew only sleep in blue, or does he only own blue?? So I start digging through the archives of my pics and I am shocked to see that Matthew does in fact wear other colors, but he ONLY is pictured sleeping while in blue, or with blue socks if his outfit has more than one color.

Take a look (click to enlarge):

He's wearing blue right now, so why is he messing with the dog's food dish and not cute and sleepy??

AH-HAH! I found a picture of him sleeping and he's not in blue, he's naked except for his pants & diaper.... maybe they are blue too?

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Quiet = BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning I was relaxing, reading, while I thought to myself how nice it was with the kids in school because the house is so nice and quiet. Then I paused... QUIET??!!?? Where is the baby and why is he quiet?

As I started walking through the kitchen, the smell hit me at once... Comet!

I walk slowly up the steps to catch the baby in the act and in my head I am hearing the sound effects from Jaws, 'duh-duh, duh-duh'.

I can feel my blood pressure rising with each and every step, and I will share with the class why this is. Below are pictures of what I saw in sequential order:

First step.

Second step.

Top landing.

Top landing leading into the kids' bathroom.

Hmmm, footprints of the guilty??

Bathroom & rug.

Wet comet.

Hmmm, could Matthew have done this? Does he look guilty and remorseful or what?

Matthew signing "sorry" while saying "sorry mama".

So I could tell he felt bad, and I did not need to raise my voice, but I did tell him he was naughty and that the comet was a "no, no, no", I still can't figure out how he got to the Comet, but my instincts tell me Austin got it out and put it away under his sink instead of in the locked cupboard under the kitchen sink. I gave him the meanest punishment I could, I told him to sit down on his stool in his room while I vacuumed. The vacuum scares him more than anything else, so I shut the door to minimize the sound. Normally he runs and hides when I vacuum, or I do it when he's sleeping, but today he got to hear it right outside of his bedroom. Five minutes later when I was done cleaning I went back in his room to check on him and he was still right where I left him.

I wish I could say he was better after this ordeal, but he was a pill when we went to go run errands, at lunch time, and at nap time, but he's sleeping now so I KNOW where he is and as a bonus my house is quiet once again.

Oh, today I was at the post office mailing off a math textbook to a friend and when when they did the standard "anything perishable? Fragile? Hazardous?" I said "only if you consider math hazardous" and he said "I sure do, and I am sure your kids will agree with me!" LOL I love that post office, the one who handles my mail is full of people who are unkind and act like they hate their job. At least at this branch the workers are not afraid to joke, conversate, or be polite. If you have any doubts about what I mean when I say they are rude at my local branch, read this post from April.

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Aug 13, 2007


New Theme, new WordPress 2.2, new way to find me, AND a new merging of old and new. That is what I have been doing for the last two days. I won't bore you with the details, but I will tell you it has been a tedious, time consuming, mind-sucking project!

My old blog posts are all now available over here and my old free blogger blog will now bring you here, so you don't have to update your blogrolls until you are ready. I can also be found by going to

The old theme, as much as I loved it, did not mesh well with WP2.2 so now I have the new pretty butterfly theme... come on, I need SOME pretty in my life, otherwise I might drown in all this masculinity/testosterone in my home full of men/boys.

I promise I will try to update a little more now that I have a little less off my oh-so-full plate.


Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I love having them home for summer, but their is just something wonderful about school starting that makes me want to do a happy dance.

Austin started Middle School today if you can believe it, and he is really loving his school so far. Later this week he will go on a boys only all day "day camp" to learn cohesiveness and pride in his new school. He's also striving to make Dean's List which requires minimal tardiness/missing assignments, community volunteering, school pride, teacher recommendations, a high GPA, and participation in sports or clubs.

Christopher has a male teacher this year and I am hoping this makes a difference. We decided not to home school, but will not hesitate to pull him out if he does not make academic progress. He was excited to do his homework and I am hoping that is a good sign, but only time will truly tell. Honestly I just hope this is a maturity things that he will eventually grow out of.

Matthew is adjusting well to having me to himself all day long, he also is not resisting the earlier wakeup, nap time, and bed time, so that is great news. I drive the kids to school and have to be in the van by 7:30 to get them all where they need to be on time.

I started out strong and then petered out this morning. I was able to get grocery shopping done, and other errands all finished before 9am, but when I sat down to rest I started messing with my blog, which you may have noticed is different, I will go into that more in another post.

Aug 10, 2007

Back from Vacation

Wow, what a rush. If I missed you while we were in town, SORRY, we were double & triple booked the entire trip and I just could not make time for everyone.

In a nutshell, we drove for 2 days total, saw my family, saw his family, saw some friends, met his brother's family for the first time, camped, boated, swam, go, go, go, go, go!

The kids were all good, the drive was too long, and we did not NEARLY have enough time. I really miss my family and I wish we lived close enough to see them anytime I wanted to.