Jul 21, 2007

Yes, I realize I am slacking!

So. It has been a month since I have updated, and would you believe I have NOTHING to say??

Well, it is almost 2 am and I am still awake. I guess "up again" would be a better description since I went to bed and could not sleep, so I got back up again.

Let's see. The older two boys are in Washington right now with their grandparents. We are missing them like crazy and will join them in less than a week. Matthew is asking for them daily and my house is boring, quiet and lonely without them here.

I finally had a cycle thanks to Provera, a synthetic form of progesterone. I had an HSG on Friday, where they insert dye contrast into my uterus and watch how well it spills into my tubes to make sure there is no blockage; no official word back yet, but they looked clear to me. Tomorrow is my last Clomid pill, a low dose fertility drug and hopefully I will ovulate soon. I have a fertility chart (opens in a new window) if you are interested, that I try to update often. Ok, so about as much as I have been updating the blog.

On the topic of blogging, I am thinking about closing down my other blog on blogspot and just transferring the archives over here. I just don't have time to have two blogs going. I will miss a lot of the features over there, such as drag & drop layout formatting; but trying to keep both active is a nightmare. Again this is just a thought I am kicking around. I also purchased a new domain to use as a mirror site, that way I am easier to find and hopefully I will start generating more traffic. I can also be found by going to www.mistakesinmotherhood.com and it will redirect you back here.

Bobby just finished another semester in school and is 8 months from graduating. He is taking some steps towards trying to make things more financially secure for us, but I would like to see how those work out before making any announcements. Consider it unhatched eggs I am refusing to count. He is still loving his job, though I think he does not like all the downtime.

Matthew is developing his verbal skills daily, parroting almost everything we say, and playing back his new dialog throughout the day. Today he was watching Sesame Street with me and the letter of the day was "K" and they had a skit with kids demonstrating "Karate" and saying it started with the letter "K". Matthew seems frustrated that they were calling the sport that he knows only as "Tae-Kwon-Do" and raised his voice to the TV and said "Silly boys! Tae Kwon DO!!" He also was quite proud of the term I used when changing his diaper and had to share with our dinner guests that he had a "bio-hazard butt".

We have decided to hold off on landscaping the complete yard, and just do the front yard this year, and the back yard next year, or even the year after. We did get an invisible fence in the back yard to keep the dogs from chewing on the wood and when we landscape it will keep them out of the new trees and bushes. I could not believe how fast Chloe learned that the red flags and warning beeps from her collar mean step back, but Isis still has a bit more to learn. She is really good about knowing her new boundaries are 2 feet from the fence, but when she gets too fixated on the neighbor dog and does not back off when she hears her collar beep, so will get a small zap that snaps her back to reality.

It is now 3 am and I am starting to get sleepy, so I think I will try to get some rest. I have had a backache in my lower back all day and I think it is partially to blame for this touch of insomnia. Unfortunately I am having a really hard time pulling myself away from a news story about a neglectful parent, so who knows WHEN I will actually make it in bed (it was 4:30 am).