Jun 22, 2007

When you give a toddler a purse...

So I use long-range walkie talkies to communicate with my kids when they go out to play, that way if I need to call them in for dinner I don't have to go out and yell or search or knock on doors. Sometimes the children will forget to put them away and sometimes we will get on a bad channel and you will hear static and interference. Well this afternoon I hear static and we are looking for the walkie talkies and not finding them anywhere.

Finally we find the source of the noise... it is inside an old purse Matthew decided to steal from me. Here are pictures of what we found inside the purse.

From top left to right is: The walkie talkie (and Austin's hand), the purse. Next row left to righ: The Stereo remote, the DVR remote, my cellphone, my laptop mouse, Austin & Christopher's laptop mouse, my keys, and Matthew's right foot with his left boot.

Matthew was so proud of himself and giggled at each item we pulled out of the purse. I was shocked at how much that little purse could actually hold!

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