Jun 18, 2007

The Great Escape

So I have been homeschooling Austin for the summer so he can pass his assessment test for math that he did not pass in May. They suggested summer school or a private tutor but neither option worked for our schedule or budget. Occasionally he will get stuck or frustrated or just tired of sitting so I will tell him to take a break so he can move his body. Well tonight, while I am chopping broccoli for dinner he starts crying for no reason. He says he is not frustrated or upset, he is just crying; so I send him on a run so he can clear his mind.

Moments after he leaves, I hear outside noises, they are louder than they should be so I figure Austin must have left the door open in his haste, but then it strikes me... I don't see the baby. I run outside and start yelling for him, Bobby joins me and starts walking around. I run inside and Christopher and I start searching the house... he is no where to be found, he is not hiding, he is gone. I happen to glance out the window and I see Bobby running at top speed towards the busy street. About 1 1/2 blocks away is a street that goes from calm to busy during rush hour, and all I can think of is that my baby made it down there and has been injured.

As Bobby walked west, a man two houses down said he saw our TWO-YEAR-OLD walking alone towards the busy street and does nothing. So Bobby takes off running east yelling out Matthew's name. A retired police officer who lives 4 doors down hears this and sees Matthew and grabs him, startling him, but holding him until Bobby can get down there. Thank goodness for the old man, I am so thankful for his quick thinking.

Normally the front and back doors are dead bolted since Matthew can turn knobs but not unlock knobs or bolts, but just in case one of the children is outside through the front door and not the garage door, I have installed a knob cover on the front and back doors to prevent escaping again. I also don't know how he was able to get out the screen door without it banging behind him, but I guess somethings I will never know. As you can see, Matthew is not too thrilled about the new cover, but some things, like safety are much more important.

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