Jun 26, 2007

Cookie Tossing

Matthew was sick last night. He started in around 8 pm when he emptied his stomach contents onto Bobby's lap, then the carpet, then into the toilet, then onto the tile floor, toilet again, and then twice into a bucket. By the 6th time Bobby was threatening me with a trip to the ER. I talked him out of it when he was able to hold down some water and Bunny Grahams around 11 pm. He never acted lethargic, was not running a fever and was acting like his normal self.

This morning he woke up a bit feverish, but acting normal and his stomach has been completely fine, so I am sure it was just a passing bug.

We have been a bit uneasy about kid-puke for about 4 years now... when Christopher was 5 some friends, the kids, and I had just returned from Six Flags. Christopher started acting funny on the drive home... he started being unusually lethargic, but after 12 hours in the sun we were ALL tired. The next clue was when he refused to eat anything, VERY unlike him, but again I blamed the day in the sun. That evening he started puking and running a fever, I figured maybe it was too many goodies, or too many roller coasters and let him sleep on the floor in front of the bathroom like he requested. The next morning he was still pale, lethargic and puking with fever but no diarrhea so I decided it was time to head to the ER for IV fluids.

When the fluids did not perk him up, they ordered an x-ray to find out why he only had vomiting, they worried about an obstructed bowel. When the x-ray was clean, the intern ordered an Cat Scan as a precaution. The radiologist came out and I remember his words exactly, "I think your son has an appendicitis, but I am not sure. I have consulted another radiologist, a specialist and a surgeon and we all agree we have NO clue what is wrong with him, honestly I have never seen images like these before but we all agree his appendix is larger than it should be". He went on to say that they were confused because Christopher did not appear to be in pain, did not exhibit any of the classic signs (retrocecal, psoas, obtruator, Rovsing's, or Blumberg's) these are tests like tapping of the knee or heel to see if the patient reacts. These are normally extremely accurate, so this is why everyone was confused. So the surgeon comes in and asks for permission to do exploratory surgery. I consent and they go in to find his appendix is in bad shape and there is foam all in his abdominal cavity. We figure we must have caught it early. His recovery went well, it took three days for him to leave the hospital and he was able to manage his pain on just Tylenol alone. He is also very proud of his 3 inch scar and shows it off to anyone who will look.

Anyways, to make a long story longer, since the appendix episode, Bobby tends to be a bit puke-shy, especially in the little ones who get sick out of the blue for no apparent reason and who toss their cookies more than 4 times (since the little one dehydrate easily). I don't blame daddy for being worried.

Update 4:00 pm

**Since writing this, Matthew started crying when I picked him up. I asked him to point to his owie and he had me kiss his right side of his belly near his belly button, so I have called the nurse at his pediatrician's office to see what they recommend. I am starting to feel the anxiety daddy felt last night and I am hoping it was a fluke thing.**

Update 11:00 pm

**The little faker is just fine and as soon as we got to the ER started acting like his normal self.**

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