Jun 13, 2007

At a crossroads for education.

My oldest son has been accepted into a GREAT charter school for 6th grade (middle school). We are all very excited, and as an honor roll student for the last 2 years we have no concerns about his progression.

This brings me to my middle son. I applied for Christopher to be in two charter schools and he is #50 on the waiting list for the one, and I will know in 3 weeks where he is on the list for the other school. I am normally against homeschooling, but I am also against my child getting C's because in group time he is doing his work all by himself or in literacy he is doing the work on his own instead of following along on the board. (He actually got cards pulled and a call home because he read the instructions and did the paper on his own instead of doing it along with the class and disregarding the instructions since they were doing the worksheet differently). He is also highly emotional and will cry in class if he gets frustrated and has lost recess for it. His teacher for first and second grade was not the greatest, and he got good marks except for in behavior. His third grade teacher was excellent, but he got mostly C's because of behavior.

So with all that said, I think it is apparent keeping him in his current school for 4th grade is our last choice.

Our first choice is to get him into one of two charter schools.

We are on the fence about homeschooling him, or enrolling him in a virtual charter school (he would be schooled at home, but not "home schooled" as he would still be considered a public school student).

We still have a lot of decision making as I feel Christoper, who is already socially delayed, needs social interactions. I also do not have a degree in education and am not qualified to teach. I also know this would require a ton of patience and time management on my part. However on the flip side, no one knows my child as well as I do. My son is NOT doing well where he is now, and I will not force him into group work or make him sit in the same little desk all day long. I think kids need to be outside and run and play in order to work hard... and where a teacher would not be able to tell a frustrated student to go take a run, a homeschooling mom can tell her child to go take a run or to go outside and play, or offer a snack when she sees the child is getting overwhelmed.

Anyways, I am about 60% convinced. My husband is about 40% convinced, but we are both in agreement something has to change. PRAY he gets accepted into the charter school PLEASE!!

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