May 22, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Circumstances, Part 2

Continued from Part One...

So the food is great, the company is better the kids are all outside on the deck happily eating when one of the women there hears one of the little ones crying. She rushes outside and sees that it is Matthew and he was on the trampoline with some of the big kids.

After trying to calm him for 30 minutes, we decide he is hurt more than we thought and we decided I would take him to the ER and Bobby would catch a ride home later. To make a long story shorter, they found nothing broken, decided it was a contusion, and sent him home four hours later. The staff was all wonderful, especially the admitting team. I spoke to a couple different nurses, and the doctor twice, but the young lady from admissions spent the most time with us. Around midnight, we left the hospital again and I had to get Bobby who got all the way home before he realized he had not brought his keys.

Sunday and Monday were spent carrying him around since he cannot bear any weight on his right leg. Yesterday was more difficult than Sunday because I had so much to do and I have A. in the morning and could not hold him the entire time. Luckily, Bobby was working from home and was able to help for the two hours I spent cleaning the carpets. I also had to run Austin up to the middle school for more testing, so I did not have to wake Matthew or take Christopher.

To Be Continued...

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