May 25, 2007

School's out for summer!

School let out for the summer yesterday, and today is my last day watching Baby A. I am excited, for purely selfish reasons.... I get to sleep!! Of course if this morning was anything like this summer will be, Isis may not let me sleep in, she was up at 5am wanting to go out. ::roll eyes::

This year was a great year for Austin who made honor roll all but one quarter, and even then he was close. He made president's honor roll and even got a certificate from the white house. In order to make this honor, you have to have a 3.5 GPA all year long. This quarter he made Gold honor roll, wherein the other quarters he made silver, so he did not get the Golden Eagle award, but I am still immensely proud. Austin will be in middle school (6th grade) next year.

Christopher's grades.... well he did not fail anything, however he could have done a LOT better. He had a lot of Cs, some Bs and As. I do wish he had tried harder just to feel the pride of being honored in an assembly for his grades. To be fair, this was Christopher's first year with letter grades, a tough (great) teacher, and Christopher still has a TON of maturing to do. Christopher will go into the fourth grade next year at the same school.

Overall I am satisfied on how the children did, next year is another year and another opportunity for a fresh start.

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