May 25, 2007

PayPerPost Direct

There is a new program available from PayPerPost, called PayPerPost Direct which is a really neat addition for anyone interested in paid blogging. First, I will explain PPP and paid blogging; if you are a blogger with interesting material and have a blog older than 90 days old and you update it regularly you can sign up for PayPerPost to review websites, services, products, etc on your blog to receive compensation ranging between $4 and up per post. Unlike other blog advertising companies which tell you what to write about, PPP gives you the freedom to chose what content you want to put in your blog.

Now PayPerPost offers a new program called PayPerPost Direct. Basically, PPP Direct is a program you can install in your blogs to allow advertisers to directly approach you to offer you an opportunity to write about in your blog. This allows Posties and Advertisers to directly hash out a deal and set their own terms without involvement from PayPerPost.

Other pay for blog websites, such as ReviewMe, can charge as much as 50-100% markup, which is CRAZY! Why should I do all the work while someone else makes just as much as I do for being the middle man? With PayPerPost Direct you truly are your own boss! Now I don't mind the 35% markup from PayPerPost, they do have a staff to pay, they do send me Tax Returns, and they do secure more advertisers than any other paid blogging website I have seen, however, the more money I can keep in my pocket the better... which is where PayPerPost Direct comes into play.

PayPerPost Direct will still offer marketing, they will still offer the security of me not having to put my email address out there and wait for advertisers to connect to me, they still make it super easy for me to get opportunities and for advertisers to find me. It is important that you claim the money you make to the IRS, and PayPerPost does that by sending you the forms you need for tax purposes, however even with PayPerPost Direct they will continue to track your earnings and send them out to you in your end of the year tax statement. Seems like a WIN-WIN situation to me!


nancy said...

I enjoyed reading the well written stories about your family. Especially after reading about the two toddlers being left in the car all day then being put in garbage bags and in with the garbage under the kitchen sink. Your stories revived me and the pix of the cute kids really made my day. My own only chick has moved to another state to spread her wings. I assume you are trying for another child with the clomid? My daughter was a clomid baby but the med really made me crazy and all my mucus membranes split open. It was fun. Now 21 years later I wish I would have had twelve kids! My best to you and your family. Nance

nancy said...

seeing the messy room reminds me of when my daughter was a teen. WHile she was gone I would go in her room and clean and each time I would throw away lawn and leaf bags full of junk. I did this as she inherited the pack rat gene from her dad and would never throw anything away. Once I threw away seven bags of stuff. The trash in her room would be two feet deep. THe crazy thing is she never missed a thing I got rid of! I didn't throw away stuff I knew she would want. Mostly food wrappers and broken things. Now that she is living away I really miss those messes. We called her Pigpen after the character in Peanuts as messes would develop behind her as she would walk by. Oh for the good old days of motherhood. Cherish every minute with your boys. Have fun with them and hug them lots as they grow up oh so fast!!!