May 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to Austin!

Today is Austin's birthday, he is now 11. My god he is getting old! He was so funny this morning because I asked him how he felt and he replied "I feel ooooold", you know because 11 is almost a senior citizen and all!

He had a nice day, after school he went to Taekwondo; their Master likes kids to come on their birthday, he gives them birthday spankings with the kicking paddles. As he was walking in the door he got a call from Grandpa (my dad) to wish him a happy birthday, then from his grandma (Bobby's mother). After TWD we went out to the restaurant he chose, Red Lobster, where we all enjoyed a family meal. Austin got crab legs, Christopher got chicken fingers, Matthew got macaroni & cheese, and Bobby and I got crab, lobster & shrimp plates. Austin and Chris got smoothies too, so they will thrilled.

During dinner the phone rang, and Bobby almost did not answer it because we were eating, but he did not recognize the area code, so he stepped out to answer and it was Austin's birth mother. She wanted to let Bobby know that she was late mailing Austin's birthday card and asked if she could wish him a happy birthday. Bobby agreed and gave Austin the phone. Here is what I heard:

"Thank you"
"Good, I am a green belt now"
"Eating dinner"
"Love you too, bye"

And that was that, maybe 60 seconds total. She then spoke with me for a few minutes about some pictures I asked if she could take to get scanned for me to have copies since I have almost no pictures of Austin as a baby. She stated it would a few weeks before she could get them because she needed her husband to go with her and she won't have a babysitter for a few weeks.

When we got home he opened his presents; he is really into Star Wars, so we got him a new light saber, a nice Anakin Skywalker figurine for his dresser (the boys got new dressers over the weekend that were delivered this weekend, real wood), a Pirates of the Carribean chess set, some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, some cars, etc. We are also giving him his favorite gift, cash, to spend this weekend.

After gifts, Grandma (my mom) called to wish him a happy birthday and they got to talk for a while even though his attention was probably on the light saber. The kids all finally went to bed around 10:30; I could not believe how late they stayed up!

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