May 9, 2007

File Security

With all the buzz about online scammers, hackers, malicious programs, keylogging programs, etc., it is nice to know that there are ways to protect your files and increase your data security. One of these programs came from a surprising source, PKWARE, the makers of the program PKZIP that I used for a great number of years and is the only zip/unzip program that comes to mind.

The newest zip program, SecureZIP is a very simple download, and for a limited time can be downloaded for free; this is the full version, not a trial version. Secure Zip encrypts and compresses files for fast and secure transfer, this program is great for business projects, sensitive files that may have personal information like a social security number or banking information, or anything that you would not want to fall into the wrong hands. This data security program is also great for protecting your own personal files stored on your hard drives, portable media, or laptops. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP.

Within two minutes of submitting my email address, SecureZip was downloaded and two minutes later was registered and up and running. The program is easy to use and is also integrated into Outlook Express which makes it super simple to email encrypted files. You also want to check out SecureZIP's impressive review over at PC, they made 4 1/2 marks out of five marks, and have great raves.

Check this program out, it is a great asset in total data security.

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