May 2, 2007


Isis has been SO destructive lately. When she was teething, I forgave the loss of my only-worn-once $60 leather shoes.

Now that she is 6 months old it is CRAZY! Bobby's $100 shoes, books, papers, toys, etc.

I want to bring her back into our room, but Bobby is against it after waking up twice to explosive diarrhea. We tried leaving her with rawhides and kongs, but apparently Christopher's library book is a lot more fun.

She still does not do well in a crate, and Bobby thinks a muzzle is the solution, but I don't see that working.

How can she be fine for up to 8 hours when we have left in the day/evenings, but freaks out for the 5 hours I sleep at night??

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Amy said...

Sorry to hear about Isis. Are you giving her enough exercise? She is a huge, working class dog who needs to get rid of lots and lots of energy - more so than other dogs, unfortunately.