May 4, 2007

An update on Isis

Isis has spent the last two nights in our room and has been doing fantastic. No chewing, no accidents. I guess she was just lonely; I have to remind myself often she is still just a baby. We picked up a new bed for her, I finally found one big enough at Walmart, and it may actually be TOO big, at least for our room, not for her... she will grow into it. It is roughly as wide as a twin bed and half as long. I need to get a picture of her in her bed, she curls up and looks like an egg in a huge nest, or stretches out and looks like she is going to hang off both ends.

We are also switching food again, from the Canadae to California Natural. I would eventually like both dogs on the same food and I love that the California Natural has no grains, fewer ingredients (eight + vitamins & minerals). My Golden Retriever has allergies and is overweight, so I am hoping that I can slim her down, fix her allergies and eventually get both dogs on the same formula.

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