Apr 16, 2007

You have to fight, your right, to potty!

Matthew is the total opposite of Christopher. Christopher was laid back, independent, non-touchy-feely, and opposed to potty learning. Matthew is a bit higher maintenance, he knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it, he is a cuddle bug, he is chatty, and he has decided it is time to initiate potty learning.

For about 6 months now it is all about taking the diaper off, wet or soiled, with or without our knowledge. Then about a month ago he climbed up on the potty himself and peed in the toilet. Now, it is like having a new puppy... I am cleaning up poop everywhere. He attempts to make it in the potty, but more often poops next to the potty. I am all about child-led everything, and I have been encouraging early potty learning, without sitting him on the toilet all day every day.

A few weeks ago, we got him some big boy underwear with a Finding Nemo theme. He loves his fish - butt as he calls it. See, Matthew is ALL about butt lately. He pretty much has about a dozen different meanings to butt; from tooting, pooping, his penis, his butt, and now his underwear.

Sunday morning, Daddy let him wear his underwear and he came to visit me in bed. He was holding onto my headboard, jumping up and down on daddy's pillow, singing "butt-butt-butt-butt-butt-butt-butt-butt"; he was so happy, and Bobby and I were laughing like crazy. He is such a silly baby!

So far, no accidents in the big boy underwear... but honestly that is because he does not keep them on long enough, but that is OK. He is making positive steps forward, and learning at his own speed, and that is fine by me!


Cass said...

And again, we are doing this too! Each day starts with "pants or diaper?"

Lizzie said...

fish butt that's too cute.

see Caleb is nowhere near as advanced as that. right now his extent is when he pees in teh tub he watches with awe like "wow what the heck is that?!?"

SumnerRain said...

LOL Funny how they each have their own time line on when they wish to make milestones. Here I was worried about Matthew not talking, but I just needed to be a little more patient for it to click. I would have thought he would have waited another year to start... but I guess now is as good as any.

Besides, who knows if this will stick, or if it is just a phase. I don't expect Potty Learning to happen overnight.