Apr 18, 2007

Well Baby

Matthew had his 2 year well baby exam today. He was super cute playing with the "bwocks" (blocks) in the office... he would stack them up and then knock them down. He also played with the cars and did REALLY well putting together the puzzles.

The actual exam went well, he is as usual on the smaller side; 25% for weight, 5% for height... normal for him and normal for our family.

Getting ready to go was quite another story... Bobby was working at home so he was helping me get ready. We could NOT find any of his shoes that matched!! It was ridiculous. Thanks to Terri, my little guy is a shoe hound... he has a dozen pair of shoes or more... however he is all right feet apparently because of all those shoes he ONLY had one left shoe... that one of course not being a match to any of the other right shoes. So, he went to the doctor in mismatched soft sole shoes. One was a boat, and the other was a puppy.

After the appointment I went to Payless to take advantage of a BOGO sale since he could use a pair of sandals and I wanted a pair of Airwalk Croc-Off shoes. I then went to Walmart to get him an over the door shoe organizer, play shoes near the bottom, and his every day wear shoes at the top out of reach. In time as we find shoes we will put them in the organizer and voila, a pair is found! I sure would love to know where he is ferreting the left shoes away too. I have searched in his room, my room, and any other common areas I have thought of. Silly little guy probably has a mountain of shoes hidden away somewhere.

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