Apr 10, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Last summer, the parents of one of my dear friends packed up and moved to Las Vegas. Not long after they moved, my dear friend mentioned that she was also thinking of moving to Nevada. At first I was heartbroken, I assumed now that we were no longer a military family, my friends would not move away. However as the months passed, I saw the pain my dear friend was in over missing her family and I remember feeling much the same when we moved for the first time. Each Holiday was so lonely and dreary for her, especially Christmas, which she used to be overly happy about. I knew it was time for me to let go, and support their choice and he happy for her.

Besides, what is there not to love about Las Vegas? There is always something going on, the best shows, the greatest casinos, a lot of family activities. We can visit for very little money, hotels, air fare, and meals are all pretty inexpensive. Her parents love Nevada so much they have been looking into real estate Las Vegas which is booming like you would not believe. My dear friend hopes to share this new home with her parents until she and her husband are on their feet. I know I will miss them, but I also know how hard it is to lose family by someone moving. I still long to be close to my parents, especially for my children who deserve to grow up close to their grandparents. For now we will just settle on visits a few times a year and frequent phone calls. Soon I will have a good reason to add Las Vegas to my list of spots to visit.

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