Apr 13, 2007

Mommy's little "helper"

My little darling loves to help. When I call his name he comes running saying "coming mommy"; however, sometimes he helps a little too much.

Take today, I had just folded a nice fresh laundry basket full of diapers and set them outside his door to be put away when he woke up. Well, I got busy with baby A. and he was up playing and having a good old time in his room. He was quiet and I did not see all the red flags.

So A.'s parent came and got her and I go upstairs with Matthew who smells suspiciously like poop. First clue something was amiss were the two poopy diapers on the stairs. The second clue were the three diapers in the middle of his toys. I am gathering all these diapers as I walk towards the diaper pail, telling Matthew "no-no-no, we don't play with diapers, ewww!" When I get to the diaper pail I stop short; the diaper pail is now overflowing with dirty clothes from his clothes hamper. I start digging them out, hoping I see the rest of the diapers at the bottom. Much to my dismay they are not in the pail, but instead are now piled under his crib, along with some of the freshly washed ones.

I was pretty darn pissed, however I knew my emotions would be lost on him, and that two years of age a severe scolding, or a spanking would not make any difference. He was just exploring his room and trying to help by taking care of his dirty clothes. I did explain that it is yucky, and that it is not a place for babies to play. In the meantime I will make sure I shut his door when I can't supervise him. I also need to think of a long term place to put his diaper pail so he is not playing with them, especially when he moves into a toddler bed. Thank goodness we have not had any coloring experiences!!

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