Apr 17, 2007

I am ready for bed already

It is only 9:16 AM and I am already for bed... Baby A. got shots yesterday, so she has been very cranky all day today and still has not napped. About 20 minutes of crying is my limit before I want to stick wax in my ears and start crying myself.

On top of that I am exhausted and have an upset stomach. I started a new medicine last night for my PCOS which always makes me so sick and tired. I guess it is not new, since I have started and stopped it two other times in the past, but new to my system since it has been a year since I tried it last.

I can also smell pee in my house, but I am not sure from who, or where it is and it is driving me insane... it is not strong, but it is there and it will be the cherry on my "I'm going crazy Sundae".


Cass said...

ROFL! I am right in that "I smell pee" boat with you. Maddening, isn't it?

Suni said...

a cherry? lmbo!!! i feel 4 u gal!