Apr 1, 2007

I am a bad fish parent

Today some friends of ours gave us three fish their son did not want anymore, an angel fish and two algae eaters. They showed up around 4pm with the fish in a bag and I set the fish (in the bag still) in the tank for them to adjust to the temperature. Well, I forgot about them. Oops!

Five hours later, when I remember, the bag is seemingly full of dead fish. Oh great, more fish I killed in the last 30 days (I accidentally dropped a baby fish out of the tank while transferring it to clean the tank); however the two algae eaters swam off, but the angel fish just floated to the bottom. The kids are sleeping now, so I am sure in the morning they will discover the missing new fish and I will have to fess up that I am a bad fish-keeper.

The new Angel Fish, aptly named Sushi had it's very last swim, when I "buried" it at sea; it seemed so graceful as it swam in circles around the bowl and finally dipped out of sight.

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eve said...

awww, poor fishies! LOL, it's ok, the kids will get over it!