Apr 1, 2007

Can they be more difficult people??

Don't get me wrong, some of our government mail carriers are great... however, the ones I have dealt with in the last 3 years, have been less than glorious.

It started in July, 2004 when we bought our very first home. When we got the house, it came with almost everything we desired in a home... except for more than one mail key.

Sometime that summer, I ventured to the closest post office, waited in line to be told I needed to wait in an office for the post master. One hour later the postmaster explains to me that I will need to go to a different post office and I will need proof of ownership, like a mortgage statement (which we had not started getting yet).

Well, time passed, I soon forgot about the mail key until I started having car problems and had to leave my van at the dealership for days on end... and if I forgot to remove my mail key, I was without a vehicle and mail.

So again I decide to go get new keys at the post office. To make sure I had the correct post office and correct ID I call the 1-800 number and ask to speak to my local office. I get a number for another post office close by and I give them a call. They tell me to bring my mortgage statements, but since it has been over 30 days I will now need $25.00.

Fifteen minutes later I get to the post office with the two things I am told to bring to be belittled and berated by a horribly nasty mail-woman who told me I needed a DEED to my HOUSE, not a mortgage statement and that I must be an idiot to trust a national worker because there is NO WAY I called someone in HER office. Even after I read the number I called (to HER post office) she insisted that I was mistaken or lying.

A few months after that horrible experience I am finally ready to put the past behind me and brave it again. So on Thursday I I head to the post office with two deeds, my property tax statement, two forms of ID, a receipt of payment for my property taxes, and $25.00. I wait 45 minutes in line for the mail-handler to ask me for a mortgage statement. OH MY GOD! I wish I saw the lady who had made me feel two feet tall so I could tell her what a moron she was! So I pay my $25.00, another $7.30 to mail a package and walk out the door.

Friday I go to check my mail and my old key will not work. After picking up my van from the dealership I head over to the post office. It is 30 minutes before they close and the parking lot is crammed so I decide to call them while in the parking lot. Thank goodness too because my keys were not there.

Saturday morning I wake up early and head to the post office. I wait in line for 15 minutes and get to the counter and she gets my keys and says "that will be $25.00 please". I explain to her that I already paid and do not have a receipt because I was never given one. I told her I came in Thursday at 2:30pm and mailed a package to California for $7 and paid a total of $32 and some change. She told me she would not give me the keys because there was no proof I paid and a bank statement from my bank was not good enough because it was not itemized. She told me to come back and get my receipt, and her solution to me not having access to my mail was to put it on hold until I paid my $25.00 OR showed a receipt.

I was pissed beyond pissed. I came home yelling at Bobby, tearing my house apart looking for a receipt I knew I was never given... called my bank to ask if they had an itemized list by chance (on a whim, I knew better). Bobby took the highlighted bank statement for 3/29/07 and went in and immediately had a manager in front of him; of course the manager kept insisting that there was nothing he could do despite the great questions Bobby asked him "is it your policy to collect payment before service" and "don't you keep records of what is sent where and who orders mail box keys"?

The whole time the manager is holding the keys, and Bobby had me on the cell phone explaining what the man looked like. He finally went into the back (probably to ask the worker if he remembered what happened TWO DAYS before) and finally comes out and says "it was paid" and hands the keys over. Of course when Bobby gets the keys he is dubious WHY they could not figure out I had paid since written on it is my first and last name... "lease and I.D. verified" and in the upper right hand corner highlighted in yellow is "*New Keys, pd $25.00 on 3/29/07". Can three grown adults seriously be too stupid to understand what that meant???

Anyways, after all this crap we managed to have a nice day. I bought kaiser rolls and German cold cuts at the German store for lunch (and bratwurst and sauerkraut for dinner tonight) and we had a late lunch. We then left the boys with a sitter and had an early date night to go see the movie 300, we then had a late dinner at IHOP while we ran around town looking for a Wii. Bobby finally did find one, but he had to wait at Wal-Mart for them to arrive at midnight. He sure does spoil our sons; we all have had a blast playing with it today.


Tam said...

OMG - I would have been so unbelievably pissed. You should definitely be writing a letter to your local post master regarding the poor service you received. Glad you were finally able to get the keys.

Kimberly said...

I just came here through your intro at Osec and OMG! I would definitely contact the Regional Manager about this and file a complaint. That's dang near harrassment!

Mistakes in Motherhood » Quiet = BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

[...] Oh, today I was at the post office mailing off a math textbook to a friend and when when they did the standard “anything perishable? Fragile? Hazardous?” I said “only if you consider math hazardous” and he said “I sure do, and I am sure your kids will agree with me!” LOL I love that post office, the one who handles my mail is full of people who are unkind and act like they hate their job. At least at this branch the workers are not afraid to joke, conversate, or be polite. If you have any doubts about what I mean when I say they are rude at my local branch, read this post from April. [...]