Apr 22, 2007

Amazing the things boys hide in their closets!

Today was closet cleaning day; something that has not happened in about 6 months.. yikes!

So I go up and I see a clean swim diaper, an airplane ticket stub, and a decapitated Barbie, oh my! I also see they found about 7 of Matthew's missing shoes. Earlier I mentioned how Matthew has about a dozen pairs of shoes, but only 11 right shoes and one left shoe... none matching of course. Well now we have a few more matches.

I am really looking forward to how nice their closet looks. Last year I removed the closet doors to improve visibility, thus increasing accountability. It has worked, to a point; I had stopped nagging and they quit cleaning... OR cleaned by stuffing all their toys into any old tote, not into it's own tote. Nothing unusual for children, but eventually it needs cleaning.

In the meantime, my own closet needs some TLC. I have shoes and clothes I can donate and I need to re-organize my knitting basket. After that I need to help the boys go through their clothing to give away the stuff that is too small. Last weekend I went through Matthew's and was able to remove three medium sized boxes for storage/donation.


Cass said...

Oh yeah. I think closets are a necessary evil. Way too easy to just cram stuff in there. Sigh. And have you ever noticed that all that stuff belongs to "not me".

SumnerRain said...

Closets, beds, dressers, all are crammed packed with stuff that belongs to my many "not me's".