Mar 12, 2007

You can never be too prepared

When I took Driver's Ed in high-school, I was immature and did not take it seriously. I also felt the information was outdated, the actual time behind the wheel was sparse and limited and I was in a class with all my friends and socializing was more fun than learning to drive. The class ended up being a waste of my parent's money and nothing came from it.

When I was almost 17 I was able to convince my parents to try again, this time at a private Driver's Training School. I passed with flying colors, however when I took the test I failed... of course the woman who failed me kept saying in a snotty voice "I never drove a B-M-W when I was a teen", and then at the very last maneuver said I failed for not signaling when I changed lanes, even though the road was widening and I merged right before the lanes actually divided into two lanes. Second time was a charm, new tester and I only was docked 6 points for not being able to parallel park.

I love the idea of a Driver's Ed DVD that a teenager or adult studying to take the exam for their license, I feel one can never be too safe on the road and any kind of training they can get is positive. It would even make a good refresher for someone who has moved to a different climate and may not know how to handle emergency situations for driving in snow, ice, rain, or other emergency situations.

And of course I cannot mention being prepared in emergency situations and not mention the importance of an emergency auto kit, I own two, one for each vehicle, as well as a small tool set with screwdrivers, ratchets, pliers, etc. and a first aid kit. The nice thing about the above kit, is it combines a lot of the items in my above three kits into one, making it a very handy, all inclusive must have for EVERY vehicle.

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