Mar 2, 2007

Video Worth Watching

If you are looking for a neat place to learn how a startup dot com business is built from the ground up, visit the reality show style videos at where you can watch funny, fascinating videos about the company Pay Per Post, it's founder, Ted Murphy, and his amazing staff.

My favorite videos are probably the Vegas Episodes; specifically Julie's Wedding, just because I love Julie & Michael. In episode four you see Veronique & Britt scheming about the idea of a Postie Wedding, and then you get to fast forward to them in Vegas and you get to see Julie trying on dresses. I absolutely LOVE the woman who fits them; she turns to Michael and tells him "I am going to have you out of those pants so fast!" LOL

The actual wedding takes place in Episode five (don't get confused by the Holiday Special slipped in between the two), and I always cry at weddings, even videos of weddings.

I love this video so much because it shows raw human emotion and I love how well Pay Per Post takes care of Julie, making sure she has a beautiful ceremony and is well taken care of. And what is a Vegas wedding without Elvis?? When Julie kisses her sons before joining Michael at the front, I started tearing up. I love a good love story.

After they are wed, Ted makes sure they have a little startup money of their own and he gives the newlyweds $1,000 in cash. I sure with *I* had gotten cash at my wedding; but I got Bobby, my husband of almost 10 years, who is priceless and the best gift of all, so I cannot complain.Anyways, I have gone off on a tangent, make sure you check out all 12 episodes at!

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