Mar 26, 2007


So the water heater finally got hooked up on Thursday and I will tell you, that first shower was HEAVEN!!

On Friday I used the day of not being stuck home with plumbers to run errands... After A. left I took Chloe to the groomers (my golden retriever), took Isis to the vet for her shots (my great dane) she was 55.8 lbs!!, back home to drop off Isis, then I then went to the mall to drop off my wedding rings for repair, to Babies R Us to pick up some child proofing locks, then to Wal-Mart to return a CD Player and replace it, to check in on a friend who has been blue, to get Chloe BACK from the groomer, to the feed store to get more food for Isis, and finally to pick up dinner and go home. After dinner we went to our friends' house to play cards and were there until 2am.

Saturday we went to a BBQ at another friends' house and were there from 5pm to 2am. Is it a wonder why on Sunday we did not get off the couch?

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