Mar 28, 2007

To Grandmother's house we go

Last night I booked one way airline tickets for Austin and Christopher to go to my mother's house. A few weeks later Bobby, Matthew and I will drive up and meet them, spend some time with my friends and family, and after our traditional "Cookie Reunion" as my little nephew used to call them, all five of us will drive home. This will be the first time in 10 years that my husband has been able to attend and I am really excited for him to meet my extended family and share in a tradition that spans over a decade and continued even after the loss of a beloved Aunt.

My mom calls this reunion the "Sister Reunion" because originally it was organized by the sisters as a way for them to gather all their families at a campground for a long weekend and spend time together catching up, eating, and playing games. In time the families have grown and the sisters became grandparents and along came their children with children of their own and the fun multiplied. When Joanne passed, we still included her widower and now he brings his new wife because in our hearts he is still family. On the final day Joanne used to make a large lunch of gluten steaks (a wonderful vegetarian patty) and cookies and juice and I remember eating so many gluten steaks I would feel sick. Now my Aunt Mary makes the gluten steaks and my sister Autumn makes the cookies and the grandchildren of the sisters now ride their bikes through the woods to the lake instead of toddling at the feet of their parents.

You cannot imagine how much joy it brings to me to be able to attend this year, and to share this experience with my husband. My children love late night S'mores, mid-day trail rides, all the cookies you can shove in your pockets, and sharing childhood experiences through the generations.

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