Mar 1, 2007

The Internet & Bands

The internet is a great way for anything or anyone to be discovered, if you don't believe me, take a browse through Myspace. However, I have found a better way to discover new bands and new music;

This website makes it easier to browse for Country Artists, rock, hip hop, jazz, metal, grunge, etc. 2,000 bands have already signed up and is easy to browse for genre of music or search for a band, and listen just by clicking on their profile. This website is a lot more user friendly than the music section of myspace, and great for producers to find hot new talent for these people to break into the recording business.

I honestly expected to click on these profiles and find bad karaoke, or American Idol rejects, but so far all the bands/artists I have listened to sound really good, professional and I really hope they get their big break!

*This is a sponsored post.

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