Mar 12, 2007

Spitting Nails

I am so angry about all these commercials I have seen for tonight's episode of Supernanny. I boycotted the show after an episode where the mom was berated for co-sleeping with her children and her babies were forced into their own rooms while mom cried, the babies cried, and the father was distraught to see his family in tears. The mom finally snuck the babies back into her bed while the nanny fumed and belittled the mother on camera, and the parents and children got a good night's sleep.

Well, tonight they are taking on the issue of extended breast-feeding. So, you must be thinking this "child" must be 6 or 7, right? Noooo, this baby is only 14 months old, and the nanny wished to rip this precious little one off her mama and "give her a bottle" as the announcer says. What kind of idiotic advice is that??? Anyone who is familiar with the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) or the WHO (Wold Health Organization) knows that the bottle should not be used after 1 year of age, and breastfeeding should continue as long as mutually desirable, but beyond 12 months. In fact, I will go farther and suggest nursing to age 2 or 3 and letting the child decide when s/he wishes to stop.

Matthew is 2 now, and he still asks for "boo" between 3 times a day, to as little as every other day. If anyone told me to wean him (like my old doctor, with an emphasis on OLD) I would educate them, laugh in their face, ignore them, or in the case of my old doctor, fire them. This whole thing has really left a bad taste in my mouth and has reaffirmed my decision to quit watching this show for it's poor advice towards mothers of babies and toddlers. I thought she had great suggestions for older children, but her backwards views and anti-Attachment Parenting styles for younger children have done nothing but infuriate me and make me doubt any other advice she gives.

So mamas, hold you babies close, and keep the love flowing, your little ones will continue to benefit from your milk, comfort, and love.


Lizzie said...

you go girl! I feel the exact same way as a matter of fact. :)

and I agree 100%

and yay on Matthew still nursing! look at you! and you weren't sure you could do it :P

suni said...

my jaw dropped as i watched that episode, but i did feel better once she said it was up the individual to decide when to fully stop... her issue was more with the kid using the breast as a pacifier to go to sleep with than actually needing the nourishment at bedtime. if she had said NO totally then I would have written to the producers of the show.

Leigh said...

Hmmm ... well, I'd have to say I agree more with Suni. As a Mom of 2 grown sons and a 14 year old daughter, my experience runs the gamut of one son not wanting to nurse at all; one son who stopped himself at 9 months (which broke my heart); my daughter, who I weaned off the breast at age 1. Not sure I agree with keeping them on the breast until 2 or 3, but we could debate all kinds of reasoning on both sides, couldn't we. :) I think the bottom line is that there are a huge amount of ways in which we can make our child feel secure, safe and loved beyond the breast.