Mar 1, 2007


Until I learned about Pay Per Post, I was clueless about the blog ad network, now I am beginning to see it is a viable media for advertisers who often rely on word of mouth advertising. Recently, Pay Per Post has introduced "Segmentation" which is a new program for advertisers to find that perfect blog for their advertisement to be seen on. Some of these new segmented opportunities pay out as much as $1,000 to the blogger, and it ensures that the advertiser is matched with a high quality, high traffic blog.

For the most part, segmentation has worked fine for me. I spend less time searching for stuff to blog about, and I can accept higher paying opportunities on my other blog, to increase my earnings. On this blog, I have had a more difficult time finding qualified opps, but that is no change from pre-segmentation. I can see how segmentation can benefit both high traffic and low traffic bloggers.

Also, Pay Per Post is a great place for advertisers. They only charge a 35% markup, which is much less than other blog advertising company which can charge as much as a 100% markup! That is bad for advertisers and bloggers alike; bloggers would see less of a payout, advertisers would pay more for the same services.

I also appreciate truth in advertising, that is why I appreciate Pay Per Post requires disclosure of all advertisements, which I cannot say for all pay-for-blogging companies, where advertisers will often ask you to not disclose your ad is sponsored.

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