Mar 2, 2007

Reef Sandals

I love sandals, they totally appeal to my love of going barefoot with the added protection of having soles on my feet. This is the main reason why I am a Flylady Flunkee; each time I get the email asking me where my shoes are, I yell back at the computer "in my closet, where they belong!" I own some nice tennis shoes, they are lovely, they look like they have never been worn (because they probably never have) and the rest of my shoes are slip ons. My favorite sandals were these super cute brown strappy sandals which have not been the same since I got them wet at the ocean, it time to look at reef sandals online for a replacement pair. The weather is starting to get warmer here... and to me, anything above 50 degrees is sandal weather!!

*This is a sponsored post.

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