Mar 2, 2007

Our Experiences in Testing, part 3

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Tuesday we had a follow up appointment with the Pediatric Neuropsychologist about Christopher. He did not feel Christopher was classic Asperger's, but he does feel he has Asperger's tenancies, but for the most part is just a quirky kid as he put it. He does however have a slow processing speed despite having above average intelligence and memory. He also has delayed social skills and a bona fide case of ADHD. The neuropsych Dr. is sending reports to the Neurologist & Pediatrician and is letting them both recommend therapy and medication.

Overall I am satisfied with what we learn and trust the diagnosis.

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kate said...

Have you looked into the Feingold program at all? google it - there's a lot of info out there pro & con. Good luck! Glad you found a good Dr!