Mar 22, 2007

Nope, not showered

So I forgot to update the Water Heater saga... I was supposed to get it yesterday morning, but at the precise time it was supposed to get here, the main person at the Plumbing company called to tell me the heater was not on the truck that arrived that morning and he did not know, but he was raising hell and he was very upset and very sorry. He also mentioned they would be driving 60 miles to go get it themselves and I should have it by noon.

Fast forward a couple hours... he calls again, apologized again, and told me that the heater was damaged in the trip from Kansas to Colorado and THAT is why it was not on the truck and the supplier forgot to call and give him a heads up. He said that this morning the new one should arrive and I should have it here in about an hour.... but please forgive me for not holding my breath.

Today is day SIX of no shower/no hot water and it is really starting to get to me. I love baths and all, but lukewarm baths... not so much. Besides, even when I soak in the bath, I still wash my hair in a shower... my mom used to call them shower-baths because I would bathe, then stand up and wash my hair in the shower. Poor Bobby, he has been taking cold showers. Yikes!


Deb said...

Hope you get it soon...poor thing all that cold water :\

LaDonna said...

I hope you get it soon, too. Heh, I thought I was the only one who had to take a shower after a bath. I love relaxing in the hot water, but I don't feel really clean unless I rinse off.