Mar 28, 2007

Isis is a horse!

Isis went to the vet on Friday, she was 5 months old and weighed 55.8 lbs. She is really growing fast, but still not keeping much meat on her bones. I figure once she is done growing up she will start to fill out.

She is really a sweet girl and has bonded well to all of us, she listens very well, as long as you catch her in the act.

She is not graceful at ALL and her antics are very amusing, she is defiantly more legs than she is dog. Her ears are also way too big for her body and always seem to be flopping around wherever they please.

She also is very patient and has so problem allowing the kids to hang all over her or climb onto her, even when she is sleeping or eating.

This picture I had to throw in just because I love it so much. I can really see a lot of me in this picture of Chris, which is pretty rare since he REALLY looks like his daddy.


Amy said...

Holy cow, she is SO big!!! Grace is 45 pounds, but is much stockier and shorter than Isis looks. Cute kids, too. :-)

retta said...

Whoa, big puppy!!!

I love that the kids can hug her and love on her and she's okay with that. Such adorable pictures.

Heather said...

Thank you and Thank you! She is a gentle giant that is for sure. I kind of like the kids too, they have sort of grown on me... hehehe (joking!)

Mama2Boys said...

she's gorgeous! I can't wait to move I want to own a big dog so bad. of course i'd have to get a puppy or bear would be a trouble maker....