Mar 12, 2007

I am a…

This visual DNA test was pretty neat, and very accurate. It seems to really touch on my Pisces-esque personality. Make sure you click on "Read my VisualDNA" if you want to find out more about what each category means.

To sum up each description, it states something to the effect that:

Mood: Dreamer
It states that I am drawn to the drama and unpredictability of nature and appreciate its natural beauty. It also states that music is the soundtrack to my world. This is all true.

Fun: Escape Artist
It states that I never get enough rest, which is so true. It also says I am thoughtful and imaginative and I like to immerse myself in other cultures, and see life from a different perspective again this is true. However it says I am overindulgent on holidays, which may be true for gifts for my kids, but not for my spirit, I am a scrooge.

Habits: Junkie Monkey
It says I try to live healthy, but have more of a laid back approach and enjoy my indulgences. It also says I am easy going and carefree about my health habits and my home in general, which is pretty true. I try to keep a tidy home, but I am not neurotic about decorating and disinfecting.

Love: Touchy Feely
It states that my children and family are my everything and that I am a homebody and this is all very true. It also says I am comfortable in nature and this is true, however I am not as comfortable with my body as I would like.

Overall, I pretty much agree with almost everything in this profile and my descriptions fit me better than the other ones I saw, so they did good with this site! :)

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Leigh said...

This was very cool! :)