Mar 2, 2007

How much is that potty in the window?

Today has been a day... I guess if I could describe it in one word it would be catalyst, because one event keeps leading to another. I don't know how it began, but I will start with the event that inspired the title.

Matthew woke up this morning with a little bit of a red bum, and I decided I would allow him to "air out" so to speak and let him have his much loved "diaper free" time. Accidents don't bother me because baby pee is easy to clean and it is a great lesson that will hopefully aid eventually in potty learning. Well, he was playing in the front room and came asking for a diaper, so I put a diaper on him and all was fine.

Well, baby A. had just woken up from a nap, finished her milk, and the new milk caused the expulsion of the old milk so I went into the front room to her diaper bag to get her a clean diaper. While in the front room I noticed a strange puddle on the window sill and the table runner of the window seat. I look around and see a wipe (I use cloth wipes, this one was an old diaper and super absorbent) that had fallen out of the laundry basket when I was folding and putting away Matthew's diapers and wipes. I clean up the pee (light bulb comes on to explain WHY he wanted a diaper) and then head upstairs to put it in the pail. Baby A. is crying, because who wants to lay in poop, but I have to get this wet cloth into the pail before I change her.

While in Matthew's room, I find that he has climbed up onto his dresser and is finger painting with a tube of Desitin that I keep on the changing table/dresser for bad rashes. I remove him from the dresser and he promptly starts messing with something else he shouldn't, so I go to my bedroom and grab a doorknob cover so he will stay out of his room while I am busy with A.'s diaper. In the time it takes to do that he is back in his room holding onto a toy for dear life; I pull him out, put the cover on while he throws a tantrum at my feet.

I calm down A. and get her cleaned up and in a fresh diaper. While I am doing that, Matthew finds a step-stool and has started to help himself to a glass of ice water from the fridge and manages to spill it all over the floor. I get a paper towel and clean that up, and by the time I manage to get back to A. who is wanting held, Matthew has now found my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and is "cleaning" his mess. I get that and the stool away from him and he is already rummaging through the cupboards for something to eat. A.'s dad is supposed to pick her up shortly, so I have no time to put her down to scream so I can feed him. So he gets into the Cheerios and starts squirreling them away in one of his toys.

A. starts to get upset because she is gassy or something and so I have to turn my attention back to her and he is back in the cereal that now decorates my kitchen floor. I grab a broom to try to clean it up and he grabs a dish rag and his it on her face and is pushing it down trying to "help clean" her, not cool so I drop the broom and go back to her and put on Sesame Street trying to distract him long enough to get her out the door. Writing all this makes me realize HOW I can be so tired at the end of the day and get nothing done whatsoever. I remember now how the house managed to stay so clean when I was working out of the home before Matthew was born and Austin and Christopher were in school and daycare.

No wonder I have not had a chance to eat!

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